New Friday Feature! The Sexier Side of Motorcycles

It’s a new year so why not a new feature? Clutch and Chrome kicks off the perfect way to end the week with our new feature, 'The Sexier Side of Motorcycles'!

Using a marketing tactic as old as time, manufacturers, aftermarket parts company and even racing teams will enhance the sexy curves of motorcycles with the even sexier curves of models. These pictures come across the desk of the Clutch and Chrome daily, but unless there is a reportable motorcycle story behind them, they're never published. This changes with our feature, ‘The Sexier Side of Motorcycles’ which will run every Friday.

We're starting with an all-women line-up, however if readers have any pictures of men draped across motorcycles that we’re legally allowed to publish, Clutch and Chrome would be more than happy to include those. And quite frankly, that goes for all our readers, if there’s a picture you’d like to share and we can legally publish it without infringing on copyrights, feel free to send it our way.

So, lets kick this off!

In a story about Ducati unveiling two new custom Scramblers at the Motor Bike Expo taking place in Verona, Italy this weekend, we came across these promotional pictures showing some beautiful motorcycles photographed on the exhibition floor. Sure, every motorcycle show offers similar views, but the Italians always have their own style about it.


Coming from the same set of photographs, while there is no bike to be seen, how could we say no?

Promoting upcoming racing events and its Ducati Island at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX April 21-23, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer featured this picture. Clutch and Chrome doesn't cover the racing side of motorcycles, but it would be a shame not to share the following with our readers.

That’s our effort to help kick off the weekend with a little fun. As mentioned, readers who would like to submit copyright free pictures to include in next week’s feature of  ‘The Sexier Side of Motorcycles’ should email them here.

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