Samurai-Inspired Concept Motorcycle

Every part of a motorcycle is now touched by technology. So much so, just the dream of what a motorcycle should look like can seem as real as models found on the showroom floor.

In the right, talented hands, advanced computers and programs can produce pictures of motorcycles we may all want but only exist on a hard drive. A new manufacturer is using the ability to complete much of a motorcycle’s early designs on a computer as a way to lower initial production costs.

The latest example of what we could call ‘cyber-bikes' comes from auto designers Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, from Belarus and Ukraine respectively. Creating a futuristic ‘Motorbike from Great Japan’, their creation is meant to pay homage to the style inspired by samurai, legendary Japanese warriors.


Invoking a Japanese sense of design, defined by its simplicity of form, minimalistic character and a clever use of space, the pair noted this approach has become a part of Japanese culture, just like the samurai spirit and the art of origami.

As they conceived it, this ‘Motorbike from Great Japan’ features simple forms and straight lines with few detail to detract from the sweeping lines. A stylistic combination of headlights, handle bars and front forks look like that of Samurai warrior wearing his kabuto, or Samurai helmet. This theme is even taken to the motorcycle’s grips which are fashioned after those on a katana, a Japanese sword used by Samurai warriors.

As mentioned this work is concept only, with a capital ‘C’ we might add, but it won’t stop plenty of bikers from riding the samurai motorcycle in their dreams!

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