The Litas - All Women Motorcycle Group Rides Worldwide

One real life example of the growing number of women taking to the saddle is seen in the latest female motorcycle group taking the world by storm.

The Litas are the latest female motorcycle group to be revving their engines and making noise in the two-wheeled world. Conceived only six months ago by founder Jessica Haggett, this all-women motorcycle group has already expanded to 12 countries and 62 cities.

The group’s founder points to an incredible worldwide network of support, empowering members both on and off their bikes as one of the reasons for the clubs popularity. The Litas currently have over 1,100 women and are showing no sign of slowing down. Curitiba, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; Paris, France; and Hawkes Bay, New Zealand are just a few of the most recent International Litas Branches.

Their tag line, “Raise Hell, Babes,” is what they stand for: raising hell by breaking social norms and creating a new culture of riders who stand for something bigger than themselves. Additionally, The Litas are all-inclusive. Unlike many motorcycle groups, any woman, on any type of bike is encouraged to ride along and call herself a ‘Lita.’

“I want to change tradition and create something new and uplifting for women riders to be part of,” says Haggett, and she has managed to do exactly that. “I’ve formed friendships that will last a lifetime and I know I would have missed out on those friendships if The Litas were ‘exclusive’. Women have a responsibility to build each other up, and not put each other down.”


Photos by Jun Song (@nostalgia_memoir)

A branch starts with three women who share The Litas’ values and have a driving desire to grow their local motorcycle community. In just a few months, some branches have accumulated over 70 women.

Haggett started The Litas in September 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah and since then, the group has collectively gained over 300,000 social media followers between all its various chapters and acquired sponsors. The organization enjoys social media support from both men and women, all of whom admire the rarity of women seeking two-wheeled adventures and ultimately empowering one another.

Readers interested in riding with The Litas or starting a local branch should visit The Litas website.

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