BMW Motorrad And Motorcycle App Rever Team Up

Motorcycle manufacturers trying to connect to its riders and would-be customers finds BMW Motorrad teaming up with a smartphone riding app, Rever. Is this the start of a new road for the motorcycle community?

‘Planning the most beautiful routes, riding them with like-minded motorcyclists, sharing experiences during the day and talking gasoline at night,’ the recently released press release reads, ‘With this in mind, BMW Motorrad has entered into a strategic partnership with the technology start-up Rever in order to build up a global community of motorcyclists.’

Whether this leads to routes sponsored by BMW Motorrad, exclusive offers to users of Rever or even how the German motorcycle manufacturer is seen on the app hasn’t been fully disclosed or described. At the time of the press release, BMW Motorrad enjoys its own corner on the Rever website where mocked up screens appear to show ads for BMW Motorrad along with the route data.

Since launching in 2015, Rever users have tracked millions of miles on motorcycle rides in 119 countries around the world. The free Rever app, available for iOS and Android, works in conjunction with the Rever website to help riders discover the world’s best roads, create custom routes, track rides and share riding experiences across social media platforms.

This, the marketing folks believe, enables BMW Motorrad to digitally expand its riding experience offerings directly in touch with its target group.

“We see the future of motorcycling as a connected experience, one that has riders using the latest technology to enhance their rides and allow others to share their passion for riding,” said Heiner Faust, Vice President Sales and Marketing of BMW Motorrad. “Rever is offering a very promising mobile technology in our industry and we are very excited about the future business potential we see together with Rever.”

The motorcycle app market is a growing one with some motorcycle manufacturers creating their own, or technology companies riding into the biker world to bring their take on the best way to help the two-wheeled community find new, open roads. Add to this, some motorcycle manufacturers give riders the ability to monitor their bike's performance and other technical details with smartphone applications. Going even further into our interconnected world, a number of these apps allow the data and ride results to be shared online.

“Motorcyclists are extremely passionate, adventurous people,” says Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Rever. “But we’ve lacked a motorcycle specific environment to share our passions, experiences and ideas. Working with BMW, we will bring innovative technology to the fore and make the entire motorcycle riding experience more accessible, more rewarding and more connected.”

This last point is quickly becoming the defining quality of riding apps, bringing the social media aspect into route planning by allowing pictures and blogs to be associated with the ride as well as riders commenting on those shared.

Based in Eagle, Colorado and founded in 2015, Rever connects a global community of motorcycle enthusiasts through the free Rever app and website to discover the best places to ride, track activities and navigate and share motorcycling experiences. Premium memberships on Rever include additional features such as exclusive access to Butler Maps’ road recommendations, custom safety alerts and more.

“We are really excited to be incorporating new technology to enhance riding experience and grow the enthusiasm for motorcycling around the world,” Mark Roebke, Rever’s CEO and Co-Founder adds.

A biker-eye should be kept on the other similar riding apps for not only their response to this new choice, but whether more motorcycle manufacturers will partner with other smartphone counterparts. This partnership adds a new wrinkle to motorcycles, marketing and how bikers treat their road trips going forward.

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