Ducati's New Scrambler Configurator Is Cool And Sets A New Trend

Great news for anyone considering of Ducati’s ‘fun’ motorcycle, the Scrambler. A dream ride can be customized using only a smartphone thanks to a phone-friendly website from the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Even for bikers who don’t ride Ducati’s incredibly popular Scrambler series of motorcycles, the release of this new smartphone-friendly website speaks volumes to not only how the Italian motorcycle manufacturer have become the two-wheeled kings of social media, marketing and certainly focusing on their audience but how that crown will be kept.

Targeting casual or even non-riders, the Scrambler series showed the younger generation living life through this line of motorcycles by strapping surfboards to it and riding in fun and rowdy groups to carefree beach parties. The first apparel and accessories released for the Scrambler models would be better found the barbeque section of a superstore rather than a motorcycle catalogue. Specifications usually advertised with a new motorcycle were replaced by promises of living a carefree life from the Scrambler's saddle.

Looking to the younger generation of would-be riders, many of these messages were delivered through social media.

“It was no coincidence that in 2014 we chose to focus on digital channels when launching the new Scrambler concept,” Claudio De Angeli, Scrambler Ducati Brand Unit manager said. “That was the starting point and today we have an extensive Community through our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo pages and via our site. In addition, in the last few days, we’ve also opened a YouTube channel and launched the first Scrambler app dedicated to street food, The Taste of Joy”.

The release of this latest smartphone-friendly website continues the marketing path at the youthful riders whose moments of life are funneled through their smartphone. Allowing for personalization of all six scrambler versions at any time, the new Ducati Scrambler configurator is one of the many projects falling under the Ducati Brand Unit that promotes “self-expression”, the concept that characterizes the Scrambler universe.

All such projects, Ducati notes, are designed to give room to creativity, expanding the brand using unconventional and increasingly innovative channels.

While configuring a motorcycle online is available through many motorcycle manufacturers, the focus of making Ducati’s as user-friendly on a smartphone could be considered riding a new road.

“Thanks to the new Scrambler configurator, we create the perfect bike for our fans, in a quick and simple way”, comments Piergiorgio Grossi, Ducati Information Technology & Digital Transformation Director. “In addition, we provide them with many useful options so that they can enjoy an experience that is not just about bikes, accessories and clothing, but also instils the sense of belonging to a large Community”.


As mentioned, the Scrambler configurator covers the entire range of Ducati’s ‘fun’ bike. From the Scrambler Icon, to the Sixty2, from the Urban Enduro, to the Full Throttle, the Classic and the Flack Track Pro, all of the bikes in the Scrambler range can be viewed and made even more unique and distinctive.

In terms of motorcycle personalization, the new Ducati Scrambler configurator offers the possibility to choose from more than 60 accessories, original tank covers and three different Scrambler logos, racing accessories to emphasize the bike’s sports spirit, six different seats as well as enduro accessories for an increasingly complete experience even when off-road. All of the images available in the configurator are provided in HD, ensuring true to life representation.

The platform offers eleven views of the bike, including side, three-quarter, rear, front, from above and from the riding position.

Not missing a marketing opportunity, the Ducati Scrambler configurator can also be used to cruise the latest apparel collection designed for Scrambler motorcycles such as jackets, trousers, gloves, t-shirts, glasses and even helmets and goggles.


What would social media be without the ever popular share button? The smartphone application includes a ‘Hop on your motorbike’ option, that lets the customer share a configuration with their closest Ducati Scrambler dealer and enjoy useful feedback in real time. The personalized design can be shared on social media as well.

The motorcycle world should take note of Ducati releasing their various smartphone applications and now, smartphone friendly website, as this appears to be the new direction for a motorcycle manufacturers to not just reach their riding base, but also breed and maintain customer loyalty. Case in point, the Scrambler brand is only the beginning for this micro digital riding revolution, with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer noting, ‘This is one of the first steps of Digital Transformation to be implemented by Ducati’.



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