The legendary rally in Sturgis may be over, the efforts to bring equally historic motorcycles to its exhibits is a year-round effort by the town’s two-wheeled museum.

An aftermarket motorcycle parts company, British Customs cruises through the debate of whether gearheads should lean towards fuel-injected or carbureted bikes.

A sign of a motorcycle manufacturer’s impact on our two wheeled world is just how many well-known models are etched on the minds of riders. Boasting Ninja, Z1 and the Vulcan Kawasaki’s history is rich with such names.

While most of those who stop by Clutch and Chrome already own a motorcycle, there are certainly visitors who haven’t taken the biker plunge yet, using this website to help with their two-wheeled decision. Well, this may be the most helpful article yet.

The whirlwind of motorcycle revelations from the unveiling of Harley-Davidson’s new powerhouse left many riders with as many questions as there was excitement. Always here to help, Clutch and Chrome has a closer look at the new Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Flipping through the pages of motorcycle history, riders have to go back a few chapters to find a time before the famous moniker of ‘Ninja’ would become a term for a performance ride.

Maybe it was a text from a biker buddy, a Tweet found online or even a conversation at a recent motorcycle event. There’s a new regulation requiring motorcycle owners to install speed governors.

Some would say it's the riders in our two-wheeled world that make it such an interesting place, not necessarily the motorcycles themselves. This thought is highlighted by renowned photographer Micheal Martin.

New riders are often told, there are no two motorcycles alike, being as unique as the people who ride them. The latest example, a personalized Triumph for action sports legend Chippa Wilson from British Customs.

The evolution of motorcycles goes beyond technology or features. With that thought, Clutch and Chrome looks back at an era of Kawasaki’s two-wheeled advertising that tempted riders of days gone by.

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