Women who like to ride motorcycles. It’s a topic discussed at bike nights around the world as much as it is in the corporate board rooms of motorcycle manufacturers around that same globe.

Tom Cruise could easily be considered one of the top names in Hollywood with the apparent ability to have whatever he wants in a movie, to be in a movie.

When Victory Motorcycles released its new, all-electric model the Empulse TT late last year, the Polaris subsidiary rode into a not-so crowded pack.

The first few hundred miles any new rider puts down are laced with trepidation and anticipation as they discover another world of experiences and adventure.

It starts somewhere for every rider, the first thoughts of sitting in the saddle, eyeing up new motorcycles and even dreaming of the open road. But for some, family, friends and significant others don't have the same passion for this riding fantasy.

Summer’s here, the sun is shining bright and the roads are calling for the touch a motorcycle’s gripping tires.

Fact, where a rider lives will decide whether they experience their motorcycle being stolen.

SEPT 11, 2015 - Will he or won’t he? This is the question being asked by Sons of Anarchy fans around the world as its creator teases with titbits of thoughts and ideas of a possible follow-up during a press tour promoting his current show, ‘The Bastard Executioner’.

While it may feel like there are a host of things to keep a biker from laying down those motorcycle miles a disappointing look at the bank balance shouldn’t be one of them.

Even as Harley Davidson packs its corporate saddlebags for the metaphorical roadtrip to expand its dealerships across the globe, a country other than the United States can apparently claim roots to the American icon.

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