They are the most eye-catching rides, yet many were manufactured even before many of the riders on the road were born. Bikers everywhere find them more beautiful than newer, expensive custom choppers, but what is the true cost of time and money to own an antique motorcycle?

It’s a quandary new and experienced bikers face on an annual basis, insuring your two wheels of happiness correctly, completely and of course, cost-effectively. Clutch and Chrome looks at the Do’s and Don’ts of motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycles enjoy a colorful history filled with extraordinary characters. Both of these grow day by day and not surprisingly, this rich two-wheeled lifestyle has born many myths and superstitions, all handed down from bike night to motorcycle rally.

We would ask riding enthusiasts to cruise through the next few paragraphs with an understanding this is in fact a motorcycle-focused website and the following is indeed a motorcycle-related article.

Women who ride motorcycles are better than those who don’t. This isn’t a biker attitude or slight to non-riding females, but the findings of a study we recently came across at the Clutch and Chrome offices.

As strong as the draw of Sturgis is to the cruiser, track day is more so to the sportsbike rider. With this type of event growing in popularity across the country, Clutch and Chrome examines the phenomenon, what a rider can expect and how to prepare for a Track Day.

All riders of every age have encountered it. Whether coming from friends and family when they hear of someone buying a motorcycle or non-riding friends discovering they have a 'biker' among their numbers.

Is this the year you finally make your way to a motorcycle rally? Want to get more out of the events you attend? Not only does Clutch and Chrome review how to choose the motorcycle event that's right for you and your riding buddies, but we also bring together a variety of experience and boil it down to ten useful tips to help any two-wheeled traveler.

Complaining is easy, second nature to some while giving a compliment or quick thank you appears to be downright torturous.

Mention the word motorcycle and images leap to mind ranging from leather-clad gang members with nothing but criminal intent to the rebellious, but honest soul who is simply misunderstood and trying to find his way through life. Generally speaking, these stereotypes aren’t born from personal experiences, but more from what the public has seen on both the big and small screen.

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