A search of the internet finds the 1960's considered as the age of youth with an estimated 70 million children from the post-war baby boom growing into teenagers and young adults. This saw a movement away from the conservative fifties which eventually resulted in revolutionary ways of thinking and real change in the cultural fabric of American life.

The chaotic events of the 60's seemingly stemmed from wars and social change looked to continue in the 70's. Major trends included a growing disillusionment of government, advances in civil rights, increased influence of the women's movement, a heightened concern for the environment and increased space exploration.

The more cynical observers would call the 80' the 'Me! Me! Me!' generation of status seekers.

The 1990s could be considered as the decade when the world became a smaller place with the World Wide Web being born in 1992. This not only changed how we communicate, taking phone calls and letters to electronic mail (quickly shortened to email) but how the public did business as well as gathered news.

The new century started with much hype featuring a heavy dose of fear. Concerns around how the world’s computers would handle the new date format led to the Y2K phenomenon bringing doomsayers and survivalists out of the woodwork.

Older single bikers are putting down more miles than their married counterparts, if you know what we mean.

Bills are paid, music bought and movies streamed, all online. With more and more commerce taking place in cyberspace how easy is it to buy a motorcycle online? Clutch and Chrome looks at the potential pitfalls to purchasing your dream motorcycle from a different part of the country.

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