MV Agusta Roars With Power and Quality Models

Limited production run and incredible power is the latest offering from performance motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta.

With an exclusive limited production of only 350 units worldwide, the new Dragster RC has started arriving in dealership showrooms across the U.S. The company has also introduced the new RVS #1, the first product of the Brand RVS; Reparto Veicoli Speciali, the new “Limited Run” Division of MV Agusta.

Based on the MV Agusta Dragster RR, the new Dragster RC plays tribute to the race livery of the current Reparto Corse World Superbike and Supersport team. While adopting the powerful specification and technical advances of the Dragster RR, the RC also receives the stunning Reparto Corse livery, carbon fiber windshield, carbon fiber radiator panels, gold anodized fully adjustable Marzocchi front forks, red stitched saddle with RC logo, and F4 RC alloy forged wheels.

For 2017, the Dragster RC also comes with significant mechanical updates that improve overall ride at low rpm and mechanical efficiency. Each Dragster RC comes with a certificate of authenticity, a build plaque with the production number stamped and a special Dragster RC bike cover.


RVS #1 is a unique bike built in MV Agusta’s new mechanical atelier, created by MV Agusta with CRC (Castiglioni Research Center), a new division expressly dedicated to special bikes, completely hand-assembled. According to MV Agusta, the new CRC division is exclusively dedicated to special bikes that are completely hand-assembled, with the RVS #1 the best of MV Agusta production.

The RVS #1 promises to be the most powerful bike within the MV three cylinder range, boasting 150 hp and weighing just 350 lbs.

The MV Agusta three cylinder engine has evolved thanks to mechanical refinement and material improvements resulting in a new Euro IV compliant engine with improved efficiency and quieter operation. MV also developed new specific engine ride modes enabling a customized riding experience.

The chassis’ steel framework has been completed and enhanced with new aviation grade aluminum lateral plates. On the right side is milled RVS #1 logo into the surface. The tank and seat are made with specific production processes that place titanium plates within the tank; and a stitched “honeycomb” seat designed for comfort and ergonomics.

A Titanium exhaust, included in the supplied kit, has been designed together with SC-Project. Developed specifically for the racetrack, it offers increased performance and a dramatic weight saving over the stock exhaust.

The CRC designed components include the dashboard support, footpeg units, engine protectors and racing handlebars with specific clutch and braking systems incorporating Sunstar Batfly brake discs. Custom machined Kineo spoke wheels mounted with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires accentuate RVS#1 performance and unique aesthetics.

The adaptable front headlight uses an integrated inertial system illuminating the individual LED units based on lean angle and velocity in order to provide enhanced illumination performance.

Interested riders should swing by their local MV Agusta dealership for availability and details.


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