Suzuki's New Models Make Buying a Motorcycle a Little Harder

Motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a new ride officially have a tougher decision as Suzuki rides out even more new models to choose from.

Continuing Suzuki’s strong push with new and improved models over the recent years, the latest 2018 motorcycles are said to represent a strong combination of performance, value and style for US riders.

Starting with fast and furious, riders were immediately attracted to the GSX-S1000 models when they were unveiled in 2016. By joining GSX-R technology with a sporty, upright riding position and street-fighter styling, Suzuki provided riders with strong models in the rapidly growing sport-standard segment. The 2018 GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F models boldly return with more horsepower and torque, smoother operation and a new family member in the potent, blacked-out GSX-S1000Z.

All-new for 2018 is Suzuki GSX-S1000Z. Take a GSX-S1000 ABS and punch up the horsepower from its GSX-R based engine, add in a new back-torque limiting clutch that smooths shifting and improve the braking performance to upgrade an excellent sport-standard motorcycle. Designed to amplify the aggressive styling that cloaks an ergonomically comfortable, yet sporty riding position, the Z-model’s blacked-out bodywork and chassis components comes at a MSRP $10,999 and is available as of July 2017.


Like the GSX-S1000Z, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS delivers more thrust for 2018 from new crankcase ventilation holes allowing the engine to deliver more horsepower and torque. Refined fuel injection mapping and the rider-adjustable Suzuki Advanced Traction Control System2 pushes power through a New Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) clutch and a smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission. Many riders will be drawn to the aggressively styled, naked bodywork and low 32-inch seat height that contributes to the sporty, yet relaxed riding position. Roaring in with a MSRP of $10,799, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS is available in Blue/Black, in dealers in July 2017.


As much as a GSX-R1000 owns the racetrack, the 2018 Suzuki GSX-S1000F owns the road. Ready to appeal riders who want a fully faired sportbike, the GSX-S1000F brings robust Suzuki performance to the street with a sharp-handling chassis that also supplies a comfortable riding position. Like the GSX-S1000Z, the 2018 GSX-S1000F is powered by an updated 999cc inline four-cylinder with increased power and torque. Suzuki hopes riders will be dazzled by the deep coat of pearlescent white or blue/black paint laid on the GSX-S1000F’s full fairing and bodywork.  A new, smoked windshield complements the brilliant bodywork. MSRP $11,299, available in White or Blue/Black, in dealers in July 2017.


Finally, buying into the over-reaching trend of small is beautiful, the 2018 Suzuki TU250X4 promises to deliver tradition and value in one stylish bike. With classic single-cylinder, air-cooled styling the 249cc SOHC engine runs flawlessly with an EFI system that is tuned for strong low-end torque that’s well-suited for city riding.  New black paint with contrasting tri-color stripes complements the bike’s classic looks. 

All together the TU250X is designed to remind riders that motorcycling is all about fun. The fun will continue every time they twist the throttle, thanks to its light, agile chassis. Best of all, the TU250X offers allot of riding fun with an eye on economical ownership. MSRP $4,599, available in Black, in dealers in August 2017.


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