Yamaha's XSR900 and FJR 1300ES Pricing Reviewed

Yamaha have released the prices for two of its highly anticipated 2016 motorcycle models with the neo-retro XSR900 and supersport touring FJR 1300ES enjoying a price tag.

Bookending the spectrum of riding styles, these two motorcycles have garnered attention from an equally diverse range of bikers. One model gives a raw, exposed look while the other promises to put the ‘Sport’ in Supersport Touring and of course they both offer the best in their respective lanes.

Clutch and Chrome took a closer look at the XSR900 here as well as discussing it and the FJR 1300ES with Yamaha’s Regional Marketing Manager Kevin Spitler at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Miami.

Riding the trend of simpler motorcycle times the XSR900 blends Yamaha engineering with what the Japanese manufacturer refers to as a ‘neo‑retro style’. With terms such as ‘scrambler’ and ‘café-racer’ being bounced around Yamaha chooses a slightly different descriptive road saying the XSR900 is ‘an authentic and honest motorcycle’.

Drawing influence from Yamaha’s classic “XS” series of motorcycles, the XSR is certainly an eye-catching ride featuring exposed aluminum details, retro-influenced bodywork, stepped seat and custom lighting and instrumentation.

Practically living the saying of ‘old is new again’, the XSR900 is taken from Yamaha’s FZ-09.

As to further its intentions for the XSR900, Yamaha slots the model under the motorcycle category of Sport Heritage. In the words of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, ‘for riders looking for an authentic and honest motorcycle with plenty of performance’ this new ride starts at $9,490.

When consideration is given to how much motorcycle this buys the rider, the price is certainly impressive. Adjustable D-MODE throttle response and Traction Control System, ABS and the popular 847cc Crossplane Crankshaft Concept liquid-cooled inline engine from Yamaha’s FZ-09 all adds up to a lot of bang for the buck.


Yamaha 2016 XSR900 - Source Yamaha

Although the FJR 1300ES isn’t necessarily new to the line-up, Yamaha have listened closely to its riders on what they wanted to see in a supersport touring motorcycle and delivered.

Adding to the power from its 1298cc, DOHC, 16 valve, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine is a six speed transmission, directly taken from the aforementioned wish list. Featuring revised ratios providing evenly spaced gearing for sporty riding and a tall 6th gear for relaxed highway riding, the transmission gears have been modified to offer smoother, quieter running.

Yamaha’s exclusive Chip Controlled Throttle YCC-T, a ride-by-wire system provides crisp, seamless throttle response. YCC-T also allows for other advanced systems that are ideal for Supersport Touring such as traction control, cruise control and D-Mode adjustable engine mapping.


A trend which has been overshadowed by the sexier sounding riding and traction modes, the FJR 1300ES enjoys responsive headlights. The FJR ES utilizes Yamaha’s all-new LED lean-angle sensitive lighting system that allows riders to see through the corners for incredible illumination and improved low-light vision.

Bikers who are looking to this motorcycle as their next ride will be pleased to know the 2016 FJR1300ES is the first Yamaha motorcycle to feature this technology. Essentially, the bragging rights start at the garage of this motorcycles owner.

As with the XSR900, the pricing for this motorcycle was only recently released and starts at $17,990.

Both motorcycles offer the best riding in their respective categories and looking at the prices, bikers won’t feel too much pain to ride either off the showroom floor.

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