Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black - Prices and Pics

The latest British invasion continues with Triumph Motorcycle releasing more pricing for their latest models.

Revealed in October 2015, Triumph released pricing and additional details for their new Bonneville T120, T120 Black, Thruxton and Thruxton R. This article will focus on a legendary motorcycle reborn and the British motorcycle manufacturers latest take of the classic Bonneville name. Our overview and prices of the Thruxton and Thruxton R can be found here.

As with its entire range, these aren’t your father’s Triumphs. They’re not even your cousin’s motorcycle with the current models resulting from a four year project which started from the ground up and ‘called on an unprecedented scale of design, engineering and manufacturing skills’ according to Triumph Motorcycles.

What came out of this exhaustive redesign was an effort to capture the timeless style and iconic character of the original Bonneville in the form of the new Bonneville T120 and effortlessly cool T120 Black.

The Bonneville T120 and T120 Black are two of the five exciting motorcycles in the new Bonneville family, all boasting 100% authentic Bonneville character and promising truly modern capability as well as performance. Using the description of exciting isn’t hyperbole, fans and casual observers of the new Triumph Motorcycles have created an electric atmosphere since they were first revealed late last year.

Triumph motorcycles are touting both these models as ‘crafted to the highest standard of detailing, quality and finish, matched by the capability and performance of a truly modern classic’. Before moving onto the newly released pricing, a look at what the four years of development and design have put in the showroom floors in the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black.

The motorcycle industry is riding in several different directions with one of the more popular routes borrowing heavily from the classics. With this, the motorcycle gods have smiled warmly on Triumph as they’re the perfect manufacturer to enjoy this trend with many of those classic looks being their own.

Original Styling

Inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville, the new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black have been crafted to incorporate more of the original’s DNA and iconic styling cues, detailing and features. Like the iconic original Bonneville T120, that enjoyed global success Triumph feels that thanks to its ‘heart-stopping looks and game-changing performance, with their poise, elegance and attitude, the new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black are perfectly in tune with today’s desire for authenticity, character and capability’.

From the overall Bonneville silhouette, to the sculpted flowing lines of the fuel tank, the intricately detailed badges, lights and stunning twin clocks, the new T120 and T120 Black are timeless icons, beautifully evolved.

The Bonneville T120 features a wealth of original detailing and a new level of standard equipment, including deep chrome multi-piece badges, grab rail and wheel rims, center stand, heated grips and innovative twin skinned chrome exhaust headers. These feature all-new elegant peashooter style exhausts, which follow a clean ‘straight line run’ achieved through an ingenious twin skin design that covers the pipe run through the cat box and out again. Delivering the true sound of a British twin, with a deep and rich exhaust note that truly matches the T120’s character, tuned to a level any fan of the British classics would want and expect.

With all the character, detailing and finish of the T120, the new Bonneville T120 Black brings even more style and attitude with a sophisticated dark brown seat and all-black detailing, including: black rims, grab rail, exhaust and engine finish.

The Bonneville T120 is available in four classic inspired color schemes; Jet Black, Cinder Red, Cranberry Red and Aluminum Silver, with hand painted coach lines as well as Jet Black and Pure White, again with hand painted coach lines.

The T120 Black is available in two mean and moody paint schemes; Jet Black and Matte Graphite.

Riders can only admire a motorcycle’s beauty for so long before they want to know it handles.

Performance was obviously high on the list when creating the new Bonnevilles. Many speculated initially the efforts were spurred on by the need for Triumph to confront tightening European emissions standards with the answer found in a liquid –cooled engine. Triumph notes the ride down this particular design road took them to improved performance as well as managing the emissions issues.

A win, win it appears.


New 1200cc ‘High Torque’ Engine

The authentic character of the Bonneville T120 comes to life through the all-new 1200cc ‘high torque’ 8 valve, parallel twin engine.

Built specifically for the modern classic riding style, with immediate and exciting torque delivery, it produces a peak torque figure of 77 ft.-lbs. at a low 3100rpm, an amazing 54% more than the previous generation. With a power output of 80HP at 6,550rpm, 18% up on the previous engine, the new 1200cc delivers much more power lower down and across the whole rev range, with 50% more power at 4,500rpm.

With the pinpoint accuracy and instant throttle response of Triumph’s next generation ride-by-wire fuel-injection and engine management system, the six-speed 1200 Bonneville engine is engineered with a charismatic tone and 270° firing interval for a characterful, linear power delivery.

We mentioned earlier, Triumph wanted to capture the heritage of the Bonneville. This consideration included the new motorcycle’s powerhouse. The engine profile has been beautifully crafted to incorporate key heritage styling cues from the legendary 60's Bonneville bikes, sensitively incorporating contemporary components to maintain that iconic engine silhouette. The finish has also been taken to a new high standard, with brushed aluminum engine covers, with elegant bronze detailing, on the T120, and black engine covers with machined aluminum detailing on the T120 Black.

Behind the new 1200 engines stylish exterior sits a cutting-edge liquid cooling system, carefully integrated to minimize its visual impact while achieving cleaner emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency, 13% better than the previous generation. This, combined with a new extended service interval of 10,000 miles dramatically reduces the overall cost of ownership.

To offer fair and balanced reporting, the move to liquid-cooled has earned Triumph some detractors, such as a leading aftermarkets parts company, British Customs, who recently made their feelings known.

An engine only plays so much in how well a motorcycle rides. Handling can make or break any bike and again, Triumph feels they got it right with these two models. Both Bonneville T120 models feature an all-new chassis and suspension set-up, developed for relaxed and refined riding every day, all day, alone or with a pillion.

Combining Triumph’s signature ride dynamic of neutrality, agility and stability with a more comfortable seat and greater suspension travel for an engaging, yet easy-going ride. With their relaxed riding position, heated grips as standard, center stand and passenger grab rail the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black are fully equipped for maximum comfort and real world practicality.


Triumph's Bonneville T120 - Source Triumph Motorcycles

Yesterday’s motorcycles with today’s technology

A glance down a specification sheet will assure riders they are getting so much more motorcycle with the latest models and the Bonneville T120 models are no exception. In the case of these motorcycles, classic lines does not mean classic technology.

Triumph are promoting the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black as setting a new standard of capability in modern classics, with a wealth of rider-focused technology to deliver advanced control, safety and enhanced rider confidence integrated sensitively and without compromise to maintain the authentic Bonneville style and character.

This rider-focused technology includes ABS, Triumph’s variable anti-lock braking system bringing a new level of safety and control to the Bonneville. A Ride-by-Wire feature offers enhanced throttle responsiveness, safety, feel and fuel economy. Taking advantage of this feature, a switchable traction control system offers increased and optimized control.

What would any modern motorcycle be without riding modes? Triumph agrees with the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black offering the two selectable rider mode options 'road’ and ‘rain' provide the rider with greater control and safety.

A Slip Assist Clutch brings a lighter touch and feel to the clutch to make it easier to ride, and ride longer.

Another standard of modern motorcycles, LED lighting. Incorporating the latest in accent lighting these two models enjoy a distinctive signature light pattern and enhanced power efficiency for long term durability. This includes a LED Rear Light built into the classically inspired tail set-up, bringing a distinctive rear light pattern and power efficiency.

As these models were designed in a country which enjoys maybe three total days of summer, it’s no surprise to find heated grips are standard, including three-mode settings no less.

To keep the modern rider charged and happy, both models include an under seat mounted USB socket provided to charge up essential devices. Further placing the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black firmly in the modern motorcycle category, an engine Immobilizer transponder is integrated into the new T120 key.

Keeping track of all these gadgets as well as all the other information every rider needs at hand is the beautiful 3D dial faces, which cleverly incorporate a digital menu system, stylish twin clocks as well as the speedometer and rev counter.


Triumph's Bonneville T120 Black - Source Triumph Motorcycles

The information that can be accessed in this instrument cluster are;

  • Heated grips setting
  • Rider mode settings: road or rain
  • Gear position indicator
  • Odometer
  • Two trip settings
  • Service indicator
  • Range to empty
  • Fuel level, average and current MPG
  • Access to turn off traction control and ABS features
  • Clock

If all the above has readers salivating, the question of the all-important price must be lingering.

The T120 is priced as follows;

$11,500 (Jet Black)

$11,750 (Cinder Red)

$12,000 (Cranberry Red / Aluminum Silver duotone, Jet Black / Pure White duotone)

T120 Black

$11,500 (Jet Black)

$11,750 (Matte Graphite)

For riders who want to make it their own, Triumph have accessories ready to go. Helping the Bonneville T120s stand out in a crowd even more than they already would, over 160 new stylish, high quality accessories for the Bonneville will be available.

These include Vance & Hines chrome peashooter style slip on silencers, beautiful stitched seats, chrome clutch, alternator and throttle body embellishers and an authentic 4-bar Triumph tank badge.

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