MV Agusta and Pirelli Present A Devil Of A Motorcycle

A special version of the latest performance powerhouse celebrates the return of a motorcycle classic to the MV Agusta line-up and latest technology evolution from Pirelli.

Like any good relationship, after working together for several decades MV Agusta has pretty much made Pirelli the tire to be featured on all the models produced by the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Staying with the relationship metaphor, the partnership is that of commonalities.  Both MV Agusta and Pirelli are both well-known and appreciated brands all over the world as well as showcasing the tagline of ‘Made in Italy’.

‘They combine maximum sportiness and innovation, their core values which are recognized by all motor fans and, in this specific case, by motorcycle lovers,’ the press release reads.

This is the motorcycle world and when something needs to be emphasized or highlighted, we build a custom bike. Enter the Diablo Brutale, a tribute motorcycle to mark not only the return of the Brutale 800, but the latest tire technology found in the Diablo range of Pirelli’s product range.

It also celebrates the historical partnership between MV Agusta and Pirelli, two companies which have long and worldwide appreciated traditions in the motorcycling world.


Source MV Agusta

Diablo Brutale enjoys an attractive matt black color interrupted only by a luminous red as a reference to the tire logo. MV Agusta has decided to pay homage to the new Pirelli tyre through some graphical elements.

For its part in the custom ride, Pirelli points to the technological evolution of the Diablo range, specifically the Diablo Rosso III. The new supersport tire from Pirelli, it’s following the latest motorcycle trend of bringing the technology of professional racing from the track to the road for every day riders.

The Diablo Rosso III logo appears on the tank’s side of this special bike, while the typical ‘thunder’ groove of the tread pattern appears on the tank as well as on the front fender plus both sides of the tail. Both the Pirelli logo and the red “D” of Diablo appear next to the MV Agusta logo on the top of the tank.

A reason for all these highlights, Pirelli promises the Diablo Rosso III redefines the concept of sports riding, taking it to the new level. Offering sports handling with a high level of grip in either dry or wet conditions as well as long lasting performance.

While all the nods to Pirelli are for cutting edge features, the choice of the model is one of a great lineage being re-introduced. The Brutale 800 is a motorcycle whose original project dates back to 2001 and looks to its past ability to amaze and conquer new generations of enthusiasts.

Fifteen years after its first appearance, the new Brutale 800 offers a new take on its proportions, enhanced for the reinterpretation of the main stylistic features, such as the elliptical shape of the headlamp, now a Full LED, and the three-pipe exhaust, with increased shape and capacity. Some of the brand new features on the New Brutale 800 include its double saddle, concealed passenger handles, rear light and LED indicators.

With the new Brutale 800, MV Agusta went back to the drawing board to enhance the style, engine, equipment and chassis of the previous model with a unique goal of creating the best Brutale ever.

Again with the similarities, this was the same goal for Pirelli with the development of the Diablo Rosso III, the direct descendent of the renowned and highly rated Diablo Rosso II.

Pirelli returns the favor of the attention MV Agusta’s Brutale gives to the tire manufacturer by equipping this special with a set of Diablo Rosso III’s with a red color dedicated graphic, honoring the details that give the Brutale the unique spirit of the Diablo.

While motorcycle enthusiasts devour the Diablo Brutale, readers should look for a review of the new Brutale over the next week in the pages of Clutch and Chrome.

Source MV Agusta

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