Its Family Day For Triumph Explorer Dealer Festivities

It could be said Triumph Motorcycle is going off-road with an upcoming marketing event, but at least it’s all about family.

That would be the family of Triumph Tiger Explorers with Triumph Dealers of North America promising a range of distinctive, adventure themed events and ‘How To’ clinics the weekend of June 18th and 19th.

With everything from adventure riding tips, off-road demonstrations, packing strategies, roadside repair hacks and technical demonstrations of the new Explorers, the weekend is the time to inspire any adventurer.

At the heart of this motorcycle event is the new Tiger Explorer family, reportedly conceived, designed and built to ‘deliver the ultimate transcontinental adventure motorcycle for every adventure rider’. The new range includes five models, divided into two distinct model variants, the XR series, designed and optimized to deliver the ultimate on-road ride. There’s also the XC series, designed to excel off-road. Both the XR and XC variants are more than capable of performing in either environment.

All models feature Triumph’s 1215cc three-cylinder engine making it what’s being called the most powerful shaft-driven adventure bike on the market. The triple engine’s power is delivered smoothly and progressively across the rev range through its linear torque curve. A torque-assisted clutch makes the clutch action incredibly light, in turn making both long distance and stop-start urban riding less demanding on the rider. The engine performance is also enhanced through a new exhaust system, with a distinctive resonant note.

 Overall capability is taken to a new level through the use of premium WP suspension, manually adjustable on the entry-level XR model and combined with the incredible new Triumph Semi Active Suspension (TSAS) system on the mid- and top-spec models. TSAS allows the rider to electronically control the adjustment of the front and rear suspension damping, automatically adapting the rear shock absorber preload settings to reflect the terrain being covered and providing optimal grip and drive in any situation.

To further enhance rider control and response in all types of conditions, the Tiger Explorer offers multi-channel switchable ABS and Traction Control as standard on the entry-level XR model. The other four model variants all feature an Inertial Measurement Unit that uses strategically positioned sensors to monitor and respond to the bike’s movement, calculates lean angle and uses these measurements to optimize the performance of the ABS and Traction Control Systems.

Add to this the choice of up to five different Rider Modes, four pre-set modes and one customizable mode, which alter the configuration of the bike to suit riding style, road and weather conditions, and the result is Triumph’s most technologically advanced model family ever, capable of astounding on- and off- road performance.

Additionally, all models introduce a first-in-class electrically
adjustable screen that allows the rider to constantly tailor aero
protection and comfort while riding. Featured on the top-spec
XRT and XCA models is a new Hill Hold Control, which prevents
the motorcycle from rolling back when attempting to set off on a
steep incline – particularly beneficial when the motorcycle is
fully-loaded or carrying a passenger. Finally, there is also a low-seat-height version of both the Explorer XRx and XCx available to accommodate an even wider range of riders.

The all-new Triumph Tiger Explorer range combines distinctive British character, premium componentry and a host of advanced, rider-focused technology to achieve an unprecedented level of adventure and touring capability. With its choice of specifications and switchable, selectable and programmable features, the Tiger Explorer range allows riders to tailor their desired adventure, to go anywhere and everywhere from the daily commute to the far corners of the earth.

The models enjoy MSRP’s from $15,900 for the Tiger Explorer XR to $20,400 for Triumph’s Tiger Explorer XCa.

Interest riders should contact their local Triumph dealer to find out specific details on the weekend’s festivities.

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