BMW's 2017 Model Facelift's - We Have The Dirty Details!

In a flurry of press releases, all the anticipation and previews are answered with release dates and detailed specifications for the 2017 BMW Motorrad line up. Clutch and Chrome has cruised through it all for a quick recap.

Coming in different emails on the Friday before one of the most easily anticipated three-day weekends, July 4th, BMW Motorrad detailed how it wants to conquer the motorcycle world. Admittedly, they didn’t actually say that, but the dramatic flair is so much fun to write. All this various information does however paint a picture of the changing motorcycle tastes, continuing trends and how a regulatory forcing of the hand can lead to advancements for riders.

In a nutshell, the German motorcycle manufacturer’s model year 2017 will see a number of facelifts. Clutch and Chrome will publish any pictures and pass along the details as well as we can, but riders will be able to see the changes for themselves when the new models ride into BMW Motorrad dealer showrooms as of August 2016.

The new R nineT Scrambler-Source BMW Motorrad

Just as with other European motorcycle manufacturers, upcoming changes in emission standards across Europe took BMW Motorrad back to the drawing board and while there, it appears they spent some extra time to tweak additional stuff, which is never a bad thing.

Consequently, when the new model year starts in August 2016, the engines of the liquid-cooled boxer models will enjoy technical changes to meet these emission standards, EU4 measures and the addition of sidelights as required by law. Many of the models detailed in this report will enjoy the addition of banking-optimized ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light. 

Like the R 1200 GS Adventure, all liquid-cooled boxer models will now be fitted with a judder damper on the transmission output shaft. New features also include a revised selector drum actuator, transmission shafts and transmission shaft bearing. An OBD indicator lamp in the cockpit has been added to meet EU4 requirements. This indicator is connected to an OBD system which detects a problem well before symptoms such as poor performance, high emissions or poor fuel economy would be noticed otherwise by a rider.

Clutch and Chrome will report on each individual model over the next few weeks, as we did with the smaller GS line here, but in the meantime here’s a recap of what changes and improvements can be expected across the BMW Motorrad line.

In addition to the technical changes set out above, the instrument panel of the BMW R 1200 GS has been given a revised design. The range of optional accessories includes a new crash bar that allows cylinder protection covers to be mounted, which are also available as optional accessories.

Including these and going a step further for the 1200 GS Adventure, it also enjoys an updated instrument panel, but will not be offered in Ocean Blue metallic matte any longer.

What BMW taketh away they also appear to giveth with its new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure ‘Triple Black’ special model. Announced earlier this year, BMW Motorrad is responding to a wish expressed by many customers by bringing out this impressive travel enduro in a virtually all-black finish.

The central fuel tank cover, storage compartment lid and front mudguard in Blackstorm metallic together with fuel tank side panels in Dark Slate metallic give the legendary travel enduro a strikingly masculine look. Powerful technical accentuations are provided by the front and rear frame in Agate Grey in combination with the black engine, gearbox and swinging arm.

A new black seat with striking GS embossment on the passenger section rounds off the striking appearance of the new R 1200 GS 'Triple Black'.


The new R 1200 GS 'Triple Black'-Source BMW Motorrad

In addition to the technical changes mentioned above, the R 1200 RT will not only be supplied in new paint finishes as of model year 2017 but with a view to enhanced motorcycling safety, its range of optional equipment features is extended to include the banking-optimized ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light, both in conjunction with the Riding Modes Pro option.

The new colors for the R 1200 RT are Carbon Black metallic and Alpine White with the paint finish Platinum Bronze metallic still available.

Colors leaving this model are Ebony metallic and San Marino Blue metallic.


The new R 1200 RT-Source BMW Motorrad

The R 1200 R also gets new colors and the banking-optimized ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light, both in conjunction with the Riding Modes Pro option.  A new color of Racing Red, which is also seen in the GS models, is available for the R 1200 R.

A name change of sorts is taking place with the variant previously referred to as ‘Style 1’ is now renamed  ‘R 1200 R  Sport’ in the color combination Light White and Cordoba Blue for the new frame color. The previous paint finishes Cordoba Blue and Light White are no longer available. What really makes this motorcycle stand out from the other models mentioned in this article is the bold, over-sized graphic on the tank. It will certainly grab attention when riding up to the next biker event.


The new R 1200 R and R 1200 R Sport-Source BMW Motorrad

The banking-optimized ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light, both in conjunction with the Riding Modes Pro option also finds its way onto the BMW R 1200 RS. Another name change with the variant previously referred to as ‘Style 2’ is now renamed to ‘R 1200 RS Sport’ featuring the color combination Light White metallic and Magellan Grey metallic matte. However, the previous paint finish Granite Grey metallic matte, known as ‘Style 2’ is no longer available.


The new R 1200 RS Sport-Source BMW Motorrad

New to the BMW Motorrad line-up and much talked about is the BMW R nineT Scrambler. The second model of the BMW Motorrad ‘Heritage’ world of experience will be available on September 17th, 2016.

Clutch and Chrome reviewed the R nineT Scrambler in February 2016 and BMW have listed their top reasons why they think riders will be interested;

  • Purist Scrambler design, classic color concept, great attention to detail
  • Air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine with a capacity of 1 170 cc. Output 110 hp at 7 750 rpm, maximum torque 116 Nm at 6 000 rpm
  • Modular frame concept with removable passenger frame offering a range of variations
  • Classic wheel suspension by means of telescopic fork at front and Paralever at rear
  • Large 19-inch front wheel as is typical of a Scrambler
  • Axially mounted 4-piston brake calipers, steel-wrapped brake lines, 320-millimetre brake discs and ABS
  • Raised exhaust fitted close to the body with twin silencer
  • Upright seating position in classic Scrambler style
  • Stitched seat in patinised leather look
  • Designed to be customized
  • Individually tailored special accessories in the familiar high quality typical of BMW Motorrad

As mentioned earlier, Clutch and Chrome had our first look at the GS line of motorcycles in a report released on the same day as this one. All and all, it appears BMW Motorrad continue to ride on with product development, updates and giving motorcycle enthusiasts reasons to ride.


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