BMW Goes Bagger! New K 1600 B Motorcycle

Riding as close as it’s ever come to the cruiser world, BMW Motorrad unveiled its new K 1600 B, a model that brings the manufacturer’s touring expertise to a bagger.

While readers learning about BMW Motorrad’s new K 1600 B may initially think the ‘B’ designates a bagger, one look at the pictures and it’s easy to think the letter stands for ‘Boy, that is one good-looking motorcycle!’

If the design looks familiar, it’s probably because the K 1600 B comes from the “Concept 101” concept study, originally released in spring 2015 and seen at any motorcycle show BMW Motorrad attended over the last year. The “Concept 101” concept study was part of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in spring 2015 and considered by many an impressive new chapter for BMW Motorrad in the history of BMW Motorrad Concept Bikes.

Literally the concept for the new K 1600 B, Concept 101 - Source BMW Motorrad

‘This BMW Motorrad interpretation of motorcycling on endless highways, the dream of freedom and the embodiment of “Grand American Touring” now becomes reality in form of a series version of the new K 1600 B bagger,’ explains BMW Motorrad.

The German motorcycle manufacturer uses a headline of ‘The new K 1600 B: emotion and fascination with 6 cylinders in the exclusive Bagger style’ to describe this latest addition to its line-up.

The new K 1600 B enjoys the familiar 6-cylinder in-line engine and supreme 118 kW (160 hp) output as well as a streamlined appearance, a low rear section and masculine color scheme, all making ‘for relaxed dynamic elegance’.

That masculine color scheme is all black, coming together with Blackstorm metallic paint with black chassis parts and drivetrain. Following the characteristics of a bagger, the drop-shaped silhouette is highlighted by the front fairing and features deep-set side cases with integrated US American style rear lights. New fully chrome-plated silencers run parallel to the road and are an organic fit for the visual appeal of the bagger.


The new K 1600 B - Source BMW Motorrad

Largely based on the technology used in the BMW 6-cylinder tourer K 1600 GT, the new K 1600 B implements its spectacular backward sloping linear design with a completely reconstructed rear section. This not only makes the bagger look particularly low-lying and slender, but also, thanks to the new rear frame, significantly reduces the height of the passenger seat.

A re-design of the compartments in the side cases with slimmer covers and deeper body allows for particularly comfortable and effective loading of luggage. This new compartment design, rear central cover is topped off with integrated lights. Staying with that area of the motorcycle, the rear mudguard has been designed to fold upward to make it easier to remove the rear wheel.

To give the motorcycle some pop, impressive Chrome-plated parallel silencers with ribbed end caps play against the black on black appearance.

The fairing of the new K 1600 B with its closely tailored dynamic windscreen makes the motorcycle look particularly powerful and impressive. More practical than aesthetic, the windshield may short to reflect the bagger style, it’s also electrically adjustable.

 For especially effective wind and weather protection, the side sections of the wind deflectors are stretched further back. Wind deflectors protect the rider's hands. The two mirrors also match the design concept, ensuring a particularly good view of the following traffic thanks to the large mirror surfaces with an aspherical element.


The new K 1600 B - Source BMW Motorrad

Cruising looks with German technology

With the electronically controlled Dynamic ESA chassis and its “Road” and “Cruise” modes, the new K 1600 B combines riding comfort, stability and dynamic performance ensuring an incomparable riding experience. In the standard “Road” setting, damping adaptation is fully automated, offering the very highest level of comfort and ultimate traction on virtually all surfaces. In contrast, the new K 1600 B offers very gentle damping in “Cruise” damping mode, ensuing a very high level of comfort at low speeds.

Bringing all the modern bells and whistles, the new K 1600 B is particularly easy to maneuver thanks to the reverse assist feature. This is activated conveniently at the press of a button on the left-hand handlebar panel. Pressing the starter button initiates movement. The Shift Assistant Pro available as an option allows the rider to shift up and down without activating the clutch in a large number of cases.

While every rider wants to make a motorcycle their own through customization, it’s a must among the baggers. Not surprising then, a wide range of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories and options available ex works means that nothing is left to be desired in terms of the individualization of the new K 1600 B. This includes the provision of comfortable foot rests for the passenger, while these elements can also be fitted to offer the rider a particularly relaxed “feet forward” position.

Redesigned forged wheels with eleven double spokes each further enhance the exclusivity of the new K 1600 B.


The new K 1600 B - Source BMW Motorrad

The Concept 101 always caught our eye when reporting from the different motorcycle shows, and viewers who watch our youtube channel know the motorcycle photographs well enough to make it into our videos every time.

BMW Motorrad riding into the bagger world highlights the movement seen by many motorcycle manufacturers, expanding their range of models to cover a wider variety of riders. This comes from the ongoing and improved ability to produce smaller numbers of motorcycles at a cost effective rate as well as an improving market.

All these different timelines have come together to present the riding world with K 1600 B which could be considered a marriage of baggers and the design-style of BMW Motorrad, certainly leading to a distinctive look. Between the sportsbike S1000 RR and the nostalgic Scrambler series, every ride out its comfort zone over the last few years has been successful for BMW Motorrad. It’s this recent track record that surely has BMW executives hoping that this latest offering is considered a happy marriage and not looked at as a shotgun wedding. At the moment, there's no word on how much the K1600 B will cost when it goes on sale mid-2017.

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