A Trade Show, Kid Rock And One Bad-boy Slingshot

A familiar name finds itself part of a recognizable roadster with bad-boy rocker Kid Rock the apparent inspiration for a new custom Slingshot.

While not a trade show dedicated to motorcycles, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas promises to grab biker headlines with numerous custom creations to be revealed during the event over the next three days. Called the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, the Specialty Equipment Market Association show seems to feature quite a few nods to the motorcycle world.

Case in point, Slingshot and Bob Fehan Motorsports have teamed up to build the ultimate tribute to Detroit’s bad-boy rocker Kid Rock, the turbocharged Slingshot Kid Rock SS-R concept. Introduced today as a featured vehicle at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Kid Rock SS-R turned heads and drew a crowd.

With all the attitude of the American Badass singer, the SS-R concept pushes approximately 400 horsepower through the signature three-wheeler’s rear wheel, thanks to a custom intercooled turbocharging system on the Slingshot’s standard 2.4-liter engine. Road-race suspension upgrades help to channel that extra power through the corners for a more exhilarating experience on the track or highway.

The concept vehicle’s high-performance is complemented visually with custom carbon fiber body panels, a bold wing spoiler, custom lighting and Kid Rock graphics. The cockpit features custom racing seats, a flat-bottom steering wheel, short-throw shifter and much, much more.

“Standing out from the crowd and delivering an on-road experience like no other is what Slingshot is all about.  With its distinctive style to its turbocharged performance, the Kid Rock SS-R concept is as bold as the rocker himself,” said Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Motorcycles.

Built by Bob Fehan Motorsports, the roster of custom and unique content on the concept vehicle includes:

  • Turbocharged and intercooled 2.4L engine with custom induction and exhaust systems
  • High-performance racing wheels and tires
  • Custom carbon fiber body panels with hydrographic carbon fiber body trim
  • Carbon fiber wing spoiler
  • Polycarbonate hard-coated windshield
  • Racing seats with custom-embroidered “Kid Rock SS-R” logos on the seat faces
  • Racing safety belts and soft doors
  • Auxiliary turbo boost and oil pressure gauges and accented gauge bezels
  • Flat-bottom steering wheel and racing pedals
  • Rearview mirror with integrated navigation display and display for an in-vehicle video system
  • Short-throw shifter
  • Three-way-adjustable road-race shocks and billet aluminum rear shock mount
  • Road-race stabilizer bar, bushings, adjustable links and brake master cylinder support brace
  • Cross-drilled high-performance brake rotors with composite pads.

“The Kid Rock SS-R concept takes the Slingshot experience to the next level of customization and performance,” said Bob Fehan, president of Bob Fehan Motorsports. “It’s a combination of elements that come together cohesively to create a unique statement about the freedom of the Slingshot and the free expression of Kid Rock.”

Slingshots and motorcycles

Naturally, Polaris are using the concept model to draw attention to the 2017 models of its popular roadster. On an interesting side note, the manufacturer's recent financial reports have Polaris grouping its three-wheeled roadster in with its motorcycle numbers, a fairly recent change.

Slingshot’s 2017 lineup includes feature upgrades and new colors for the brand’s flagship models, a new racing-inspired roadster and an expanded lineup of accessories focused on rider comfort, storage and more customization choices.

All Slingshot models are constructed with a high-strength steel spaceframe and powered by a 173-hp 2.4-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine that drives the rear wheel via a five-speed manual transmission. The responsive combination delivers exhilarating acceleration and connects the driver and passenger to the road through a sophisticated double-wishbone front suspension and electronic power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering. All models also feature an electronic stability control system and disc brakes with ABS.

The 2017 Slingshot SLR is the newest model of the groundbreaking three-wheeled roadster lineup and features lightweight forged aluminum wheels, a 305MM-wide rear tire, Sparco race-inspired cockpit touchpoints, a custom two-tone paint scheme and more. It expands the Slingshot range of American-designed and manufactured roadsters to three models, including the original Slingshot and Slingshot SL.

“As the Slingshot continues to attract more enthusiasts, the expanded range for 2017 gives customers more choices and more ways to personalize their experience,” said Slingshot’s Menneto. “The new Slingshot SLR, for example, offers a more premium look and feel, while the increased number of accessories helps make the Slingshot completely yours. In short, it’s an encompassing lineup that gives you more reasons to hit the open road.”

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