NOV 17, 2015 - Since its introduction, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has enjoyed as much attention for its Scrambler from the press as it has from riders.

NOV 02, 2015 - The word distinctive must be among the first which comes to mind when looking at the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse. The lines are sweeping, the run of its pipes long and the oversized logo all add to the bold flavor of this cruiser.

NOV 12, 2015 - As with anything in life, when those in charge make a special mention of someone or something, everyone should take note, if not for a variety of reasons.

NOV 18, 2015 - The motorcycle segment of models featuring smaller engines and promises of nimble, fun performance just became a little more crowded.

NOV 17, 2015 - If anyone were to tell Ducati they were riding off the road, the Italian executives would agree with a smile.

NOV 18, 2015 - Hopefully, all the riders keeping a short list of motorcycles they would like buy are writing with pencil as Monday November 16th kicked off a rally of new motorcycle being shown to the two-wheeled world.

The latest addition to what will be a multi-model line has been revealed with a Scrambler version added to BMW Motorrad’s incredibly popular R nineT motorcycles.

With so much news roaring out of Milan for the EICMA motorcycle show it’s not surprising a press release managed to bury itself on a random desk around the Clutch and Chrome office.

NOV 24, 2015 - Motorcycle enthusiasts deep in the midst of higher education might want to float the following story past their professor for possible extra credits.

OCT 23, 2015 - Easily considered the world’s leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles revealed and discussed their 2016 line-up at the recent motorcycle extravaganza, AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida.

OCT 28, 2015 - The new Triumph Street Twin is just that; new, new and new.

OCT 19, 2015 - It was announced yesterday that Volta Motorbikes had chosen Delta-Q Technologies as its battery charging solutions supplier for its BCN City and BCN Sport electric motorcycles.

Motorcycle enthusiasts who place themselves firmly in the category of adventure sports riding have a few new choices riding their way.

OCT 19, 2015 - Repeat after us, ‘Café, Café, Café’. Congratulations, you now know the chant surely being used in motorcycle corporate boardrooms and design centers around the world.

OCT 28, 2015 - Fans of British-style motorcycles and more importantly, the manufacturer that epitomizes that unmistakable café look can put away those spy photos and various media speculations of what Triumph is going to do.

OCT 14, 2015 - Yamaha apparently paid special attention to Star Motorcycles’ V Star line which offers a variety of models for cruiser riders with varying needs, from entry-level beginnings to customization as well as long-haul touring.

OCT 16, 2015 - If their bikes growled it could be said Zero Motorcycles roared into AIMExpo, delivering new models and clearly placing themselves at the front of the electric motorcycle pack.

OCT 15, 2015 - Kawasaki had the honor of kicking off the Third Annual American International Motorcycle Expo on day one of media and trade day, using the opportunity to unveil some 2016 models.

Those new to riding may only know Ducati by its latest model, the headline grabbing Scrambler. If that's the case, they might be oblivious to the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's amazing lineage of performance and unadulterated, raw power.

A funny thing happened on the way to China making worldwide headlines for its V-Day military parade earlier this week. It reminded the riding world of an overlooked, but interesting motorcycle story.

SEPT 04, 2015 - For all the different styles of riding, there are also motorcycle manufacturers who build bikes to handle all types of situations.

AUG 28, 2015 - In an apparent flood of motorcycles looking back to the style of street-motorcycles and café racers, Harley-Davidson is continuing its romance with power.

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