Ducati's Globetrotting Adventures Hits Its Final Leg

A motorcycle road trip tracked by thousands, if not millions of people worldwide is coming closer to its final destination as Ducati’s Globetrotting celebration enters its final phase.

Kicking off as World Ducati week wrapped up in Borgo Panigale, Italy on July 4th, the around-the-world motorcycle adventures are expected to finish on December 15th.  The ride of choice shared by the various riders undertaking the world trip, a Multistrada 1200 Enduro will return to its starting point at the Italian manufacturer’s corporate headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

The seventh and final globetrotter is Germany’s Timo Schäfer, who began his journey from the Isle of Man on December 5th. During this last stage of Globetrotter 90th, Schäfer will cover the remaining two thousand kilometers of this motorcycle adventure which has involved 30,000 km of riding to some of the symbolic sites that marked important moments the first ninety years of Ducati’s history.

Before the torch and Multistrada were passed on to the final globetrotter, it was Englishman Hugo Wilson riding for Ducati and its Globetrotter 90th adventure. Leaving Lisbon on November 17th, Wilson travelled day and night in all conditions, covering almost two thousand kilometers across Portugal, Spain and France before boarding the ship at St. Malo. A treat was waiting for the British rider as he arrived in his native land, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro Wilson rode enjoyed the spotlight Motorcycle Live in Birmingham where it was featured at Britain’s biggest motorcycle show.

Wilson leaving Motorcycle Live!

Straight after this, the globetrotter travelled to Silverstone where Mike Hailwood won two races in two different classes on the same day in 1960, both on a Ducati. At Donington, considered the World Superbike temple, Hugh Wilson relived Ducati’s SBK wins on April 3rd, 1988 with Marco Lucchinelli on the newborn 851 SBK.

Heading to the Isle of Man, Wilson met with the seventh globetrotter Timo Schäfer and passed over the motorcycle and baton, celebrating another moment in Ducati history. On 2 June 1978, during the demanding Tourist Trophy, Mike Hailwood scored a victory with the Ducati 900 SS TT IOM that reportedly moved the 300,000 spectators. The victory was made more notable because Hailwood, 38 years old at the time, had already retired from racing.

Ducati would celebrate the win the following year with the birth of the legendary 900 Mike Hailwood Replica.

Wilson visits Donington, famed race circuit

As mentioned, the final stretch has been entrusted to Timo Schäfer. At thirty years old, Schäfer hails from Karlsruhe, Germany and is a mechanical engineering student. Schäfer’s association with Ducati runs deep, his first motorcycle was a Cagiva Elephant with a Ducati engine.

“Clearly Ducati was my destiny all along!” Schäfer enthusiastically notes.

During the final phase of Globetrotter 90th, Schäfer will stop in the city of Canterbury to meet with Paul Smart, who starred in what Ducati considers the most significant win of its history. On 23 April 1972, the first Imola 200 Miles was in fact won by a young, unknown Smart, riding the standard 750 GT; Bruno Spaggiari crossed the line in second place, with the same bike.


Handing over the torch in the Isle of Man

Then it’s on to Belgium, where the seventh globetrotter will visit the Spa - Francorchamps racetrack to mark Alberto Gandossi’s 1958 win riding the 125 Desmo. Also on the itinerary, Schäfer will visit the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany where the ‘More Than Red - Passione Ducati’ exhibition runs until 30 April 30th, 2017.

Getting closer to the trip’s end, Monza, Italy where the futuristic Ducati Siluro with a mere 100cc displacement set 44 world speed records on November 30th, 1958. Santo Ciceri, one of the heroes of that day in the late ‘50s is scheduled to meet with Timo Schäfer during his visit.

Another historic Italian city is on the agenda as Schäfer heads to Florence to see Giuliano Maoggi, born in 1926 and considered a living legend for Ducati. In 1956, Maoggi won the 4th Motogiro d’Italia on the Gran Sport 100 which was also known as the Marianna and designed by Fabio Taglioni.

Having crossed the renowned Futa Pass, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro will arrive in Borgo Panigale on December 15th and ending the epic Globetrotter 90th voyage. As with prior legs, the final stage can be followed on Ducati’s Facebook page, through social media such as twitter and Instagram with the hashtag of #globetrotter90 as well as the official Globetrotter90.ducati.com site.

The Multistrada 1200 Enduro on its final leg

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