RevZilla Co-Founder And CEO Steps Aside In Corporate Shuffle

It should be an expected announcement, Anthony Bucci, co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer of the popular motorcycle ecommerce website, RevZilla is moving out his current role.

RevZilla caused quite a stir in the motorcycle world earlier this year when it was purchased by Cycle Gear, another online retailer. RevZilla was well-known and equally as loved by the riding community. Launched late in 2007 by Nick Auger, Anthony Bucci and Matthew Kull, (seen above) Revzilla established a strong foothold online through its popular YouTube channel and knowledge in harnessing e-commerce to drive sales.

With more than 182,000 subscribers and 60 million views on its product reviews and motorcycling videos, RevZilla was a perfect way for Cycle Gear to not only grow, but acquire a large demographic of internet-savvy bikers. Growth is important to Cycle Gear, the company was itself acquired in 2015.

With RevZilla finding itself in such a large corporate world, it’s usual for employees and even officers of acquired companies to be replaced by what’s considered as more experienced people. So it goes with Anthony Bucci, a co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer of RevZilla, transitioning out of his position as CEO, effective January 13, 2017. Matthew Kull, will be interim CEO while an executive search is underway.

As a founder of the company, Bucci has been part of RevZilla’s leadership since 2007 and he will remain on the board of Comoto Holdings, which owns RevZilla and Cycle Gear.

Fans of Bucci can expect to still see his face. While he may be transitioning out of the day-to-day operations of RevZilla, Bucci will remain a cornerstone of the company’s media ‘ecosystem’ from both sides of the camera. The secret sauce of its success, RevZilla’s original content has educated consumers, creating a thriving digital community and becoming a go-to editorial resource within the industry since its inception in 2009.

Anthony Bucci, co-founder and outgoing CEO of RevZilla

“As I looked towards RevZilla’s future, which I believe has incredible potential, I recognized that the best approach for continued growth and expansion is a broader executive playbook, which begins with my passing the torch,” said Anthony Bucci, co-founder and outgoing CEO of RevZilla. “I believe this is the right strategic decision for the next stage of the company, but our customers and the RevZilla family should rest assured that I will continue to remain a force behind our cause.

RevZilla was recently ranked the #1 medium-sized company on Fortune’s Best Places to Work in Retail in 2016, the fourth Fortune ranking RevZilla has received in a one-year span. This follows the company’s ranking of 44th on Fortune's list of 100 Best Medium Workplaces, 10th on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work for Millennials and 5th on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work in Retail in 2015

“I could not be more proud of the ongoing success of RevZilla, our team, and the enthusiasm of our customers, all of which have had a global impact on our industry over a very short time,” Bucci noted.

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