KTM Group Invests in NUVIZ, a HUD Technology Company

After a couple of industry missteps it appears riders will have several choices around tomorrow’s motorcycle accessory - the HUD, or Heads Up Display.

Taking a page from the book of modern aircraft, Heads Up Display technology projects information on a surface directly in front of the pilot. The system made its way into automobiles some time ago with the information displayed on the windshield in front of the driver. A few solutions have been attempted to bring the idea to motorcycles and 2017 looks like the year riders can vote on which is best with their wallets.

Joining the not-so-crowded field of this new technology is US-based technology start-up NUVIZ Inc which has recently announced Pierer Industrie AG have invested in the company. That corporate name may not immediately jump to the mind of the average motorcyclist, the partnership makes more sense once when one realizes it’s the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna, WP Suspension and Pankl Racing Systems. According to reports, NUVIZ has raised around $9 million with KTM contributing a majority of that amount.

“This strategic investment is very exciting for NUVIZ as it is a testament to our technology leadership in the HUD and connected riding space, and further emphasizes the demand and need for the user experiences we have set out to create," said Malte Laass, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, NUVIZ.

What could be considered as more important than the cash itself is who gave it. NUVIZ appears especially pleased the investment came from a motorcycle manufacturer, noting ‘we are very happy to have found a partner with deep industry knowledge, and the expertise and patience needed to build a sustainable technology business.’

NUVIZ will use the investment to finalize product development, as well as boost sales and marketing efforts ahead of the launch of the company's head-up display technology and connected riding solutions in the first half of 2017. This marketing will include working closely with the KTM Group including marketing, distribution and product integration with KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles. It's still early days but as head up displays become widely used in motorcycles, it's likely that Bajaj would also like to access this technology through KTM.

This is a very important bullet point in the press release. To our knowledge, the only other motorcycle manufacturer anywhere near producing a HUD-type product is BMW Motorrad with its own take on the technology.

NUVIZ promises its HUD system will offer ‘a seamless and intuitive experience for riders to navigate, communicate, and capture videos or photos - all while keeping their focus on the road’.

With the product expected sometime this year, it’s time for cutting-edge riders to again hold their collective biker-breaths.


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