Hey! Wanna Own a Famous Motorcycle Brand?

A legendary motorcycle name wants to be unleashed onto the open road as Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles puts the corporate pieces in place to relaunch the famous brand.

On Monday February 13th, a press release announced Aaron, Bell International was retained as the exclusive agent for Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles ‘to seek a strategic relationship for the reintroduction of the brand to the marketplace’.

Once, the brand was built by one of the largest American motorcycle manufacturers, its models broke speed records, were known for quality and ridden by police forces all over the United States. The motorcycle names of Excelsior and Henderson were as loved as Indian and Harley-Davidson up until the Great Depression in 1929. The Excelsior-Henderson name also had a brief love affair with American riders in the late nineties.

The modern take on these classic motorcycles was founded as Hanlon Manufacturing Company by Daniel Hanlon during early 1993 in Burnsville, Minnesota. The company secured the motorcycle names of Excelsior and Henderson with a dream of producing motorcycles that reflected styling from the 1905-1931 timeframe.

The idea was inspired by the motorcycle sales boom in the mid-nineties, exemplified with the famous story of a waiting list of up to two years for riders to purchase certain Harley-Davidson models. This demand for motorcycles led to the rebirth of the Indian brand and Polaris creating the Victory name.

In early 1999 Excelsior-Henderson started production of its first motorcycle, the Super X. During the second year of producing motorcycles Excelsior-Henderson was unable to raise needed additional capital and fell into bankruptcy. In total, the company produced nearly 2000 motorcycles featuring dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, closed-loop fuel injection, integrated cassette transmissions, anti-dive suspensions, and more.

A video the company created to attract investors when starting in the late nineties

Fast forward to the present and between Polaris Industries ending production of Victory Motorcycles as well as the strength of American motorcycle manufacturing and sales worldwide, those with the rights to the Excelsior-Henderson feel the ‘market [is] ripe for the reemergence of the venerable “E-H” marque’.

‘Despite discontinuing production in late 1999, the business opportunity remains relatively turn-key due to its intellectual property and intensely-loyal, active customer base,’ the press release states.

The company have maintained a web presence which sells official merchandise, offers resources for owners and hosts a forum to discuss the motorcycle brand. The only thing needed is someone to relaunch the Excelsior-Henderson brand.

It’s impossible to overstate the unique opportunity this presents according to Ralph Bellizzi, founder and president of Aaron, Bell International.

“An offering like this is extremely rare,” Bellizzi notes. “An entrepreneur or investor can essentially pick up where the previous company left off, bypass the most difficult barriers to entry, and build upon the established success of this heritage-rich brand in a highly lucrative industry.”

“It’s literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.

A 2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X Motorcycle

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