Road Race Motorcycles Exhibit Leans Into Oregon

Riders in the western United States who need to take their other half somewhere that isn’t just about motorcycles might want to cast an eye to Oregon and the World of Speed Museum.

The World of Speed is an educational museum featuring historic racecars, boats, and (yes, we admit it) motorcycles, all telling the story of motorsports culture. Featuring special exhibits such as the Daytona Banking Wall, the Wall of Sound, Women in Racing, and the History of Northwest Drag Racing it offers visitors a behind-the­-scenes view of the racing world.

The newest exhibit celebrates road-racing bikes along with the stories of their designers and riders. 

‘No seat belt. No roll cage. Nothing between a rider and the pavement but a big engine and two wheels,’ explains the World of Speed’s website. ‘Motorcycle racing has always had its own special mystique, and it proves that motorsports has never been a strictly four-wheeled affair. World of Speed's Road Race Motorcycles exhibit celebrates those blisteringly-fast bikes and those who built, and rode them.’

Motorcycles featured in the exhibit include: 

  • Parilla 250                                 
  • Honda CB450 CR      
  • Suzuki GSXR 750R Limited      
  • Honda RC30                          
  • Ducati 888 SPO                        
  • Ducati Desmosedici RR
  • Matchless G80 Honda RC30

“If you have a thrill for speed, you’re going to love this exhibit,” said Ron Huegli, curator for World of Speed. “From the early postwar years to modern superbikes, we have some of the finest racing motorcycles from around the world. The exhibit offers an opportunity to learn their backstories and the evolution of these two-wheeled speed machines.”

Located in Wilsonville, Oregon the ‘educational’ museum features three simulators that take attendees behind the wheel of an iconic Formula, Indy, or NASCAR race car. The World of Speed encompasses many aspects of motorsports, including drag racing, road racing, land-speed racing, motorcycle racing, open wheel racing, NASCAR, and hydroplanes.

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