No Time To Attend Sturgis? That May Not Be a Problem!

Riders who can’t quite make it to the famous Sturgis Rally this year may still be able to attend the motorcycle event. Sort of.

Held annually in in Sturgis, South Dakota, finding time to attend the ten day rally and even more challenging, actually riding to the event has made it somewhat of a bragging right among bikers.

A new company, AFD doesn’t think distance or time should stop any biker from enjoying the appearance of ‘riding their own’ to Sturgis. Forget planning trips, booking hotels or even organizing the shipping of motorcycles, with the help of AFD’s new ‘Personalized Sturgis Package’ bikers can enjoy the t-shirts and sights of Sturgis without even leaving their couch.

Want to say you went to Sturgis? AFD can do that!

Offering several packages, AFD will effectively attend the rally for bikers, buying t-shirts, collecting giveaways as well as patches for leather jackets and vests. The more expensive packages include photoshopped pictures of riders at famous Sturgis landmarks and a DVD featuring all the highlights they would’ve seen if the biker had actually gone.

“What our client tells their biker buddies is up to them,” notes April Olofs, Marketing Manager for AFD. “We send memorabilia from the actual rally and if they want to tell riding buddies they attended Sturgis, well, it could be considered just another story swapped at a biker night.”

The packages start at $99 which gets bikers a rally t-shirt, patch and two pieces of promotional material found at the rally. This could be a beer cozy or even an additional T-shirt made for and given away only at the rally.

More expensive packages will put riders at the rally, placing them along well-known locations and in surrounding towns, enjoying their Sturgis vacation.

“The quality of the pictures will depend on the original picture they give AFD to use in the photoshopping process,” explains Olofs.

The most expensive package, coming in at $399, includes a DVD full of unique video footage from the rally, all taken in a ‘home movie’ style. As with all the other Sturgis gear included in the ‘Personalized Sturgis Package’, if riders want to say they shot the video, AFD has no problem with that.

“Personal shoppers have been around for a long time and they’re even available online now,” April Olofs says. “If someone can go out and shop for you, why can’t hand-picked apparel and memorabilia be brought back from a rally as well?”

The Sturgis rally will be the first event AFD offers this service for with an eye to expanding the opportunity to other motorcycle events. Officials at AFD hope if all goes well, about this time next year it could be an ongoing service.

Photoshop or real? Only the biker may know!

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