New Biker Buddies - Motul and Standard Motorcycle Co

A new motorcycle partnership highlights two names trying very hard to grab the attention of the motorcycle world. Motul and Jason Paul Michaels.

First, the partnership itself. Motul, a full-service lubricants and automotive oils innovator, developer, and manufacturer passionate about partnering with consumers, businesses, organizations, and racing events around the world, this week announced they have formed a partnership with Jason Paul Michaels.

In the press release, Michaels is described as ‘a motorcycle influencer changing the industry as we know it’. Readers may know Michaels from his appearance on ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ or even the kickstarter campaign for the idea of a Co-op Motorcycle Garage in Florida he is marketing. Speaking of which, by partnering with Michaels, Motul will also be partnering with his Standard Motorcycle Co-op, Florida’s first and only Co-op Motorcycle Garage and Educational Facility focused on creativity, collaboration, and friendship among the co-op’s users.

‘As an innovative and disruptive thinker in the motorcycle industry, Michaels has made a name for himself as someone who is not only passionate about motorcycles and their composition, but someone who is also intent on sharing his passion with as many people as possible,’ the press release notes.

As a partner of the Standard Motorcycle Company, Motul will be providing a free oil change to all co-op members. It’s an opportunity to expose the DIY community to an entire line of performance product. Additionally, the store will carry Motul products in the shop for users in need of some engine fine-tuning.

The unique motorcycle co-op, Standard Motorcycle Company - Source Standard Motorcycle Company

“Jason is a great contributor to the motorcycle industry in the USA; bringing a great sense of purpose and passion to many riders across the country. We are honored to be part of Jason’s projects in the U.S. and see Motul associated with such ingenious and brotherly initiatives.” said Guillaume Pailleret, president of Motul North America.

“I’m proud to have been chosen to represent Motul in a budding segment of the motorcycle industry,” said Jason Paul Michaels, custom builder and owner of Standard Motorcycle. “I can only hope that my unique perspective and out of the box methods of getting things done is an inspiration to others. After-all, this IS the motorcycle industry, if we can’t have fun and be a little wild here in the process of getting things done, where can we?"

Standard Motorcycle Company will launch a Streaming Technical Library with crowdfunding campaigns in the near future. Subscribers to the library will be able to learn from industry experts on everything from wheel building, to suspension tuning, to design and engineering. The company is passionate about covering it all so their collaborative commitment to motorcycles can be streamed out over the Internet.

“The Standard Motorcycle Co-op is situated to springboard the next generation of motorcycle builders and contributors into the moto culture,” said Li-Jay Chu, Motul's Communications & Activation Manager for North America. “They are in the process of securing both a digital and physical platform, ensuring everyone is drawn into the moto community. We are ecstatic to be contributing to this advancement, and are excited to introduce Motul products to café/twin motorcycle market.”

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