Suits on Bikes? Its Ride to Work Day!

If there seems to be more motorcycles on the roads today, it’s most likely riders celebrating ‘Ride to Work Day’.

The annual event, organized by the American Motorcyclist Association, encourages all motorcyclists and scooter riders to ride to work on Monday, June 19th. This is the 26th annual International Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day and is meant to demonstrate the practical benefits of motorcycles.

“Motorcyclists already know how much fun it is to ride and how easy motorcycles and scooters are to maneuver in traffic and to park,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “Ride To Work Day helps call attention to our way of life and gives us a chance to share our enthusiasm with non-riders.”

The event also provides an opportunity for motorcyclists to highlight important issues, such as distracted drivers, unsafe fuels, motorcyclist profiling and motorcycle-only checkpoints, parking restrictions and the benefits of legal lane splitting.

“Commuting to work, especially on a designated day of rider unity, highlights the positive aspects of motorcycling and the motorcycle lifestyle,” Dingman said.

Event organizers estimate that more than 1 million moto-commuters participate in Ride To Work Day each year, shortening commute times, reducing road congestion and consuming less fuel than a commute by car.

A 2011 study in Brussels by Transport & Mobility Leuven concluded that if 10 percent of cars on the roads of Belgium were replaced with motorcycles, exhaust emissions would fall 6 percent and traffic congestion would be reduced by 40 percent.

Riders who missed it this year can mark it on the calendar for 2018, the event is always the third Monday in June.

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