Ducati rides out new motorcycle technology and safety

JUL 08, 2015 - Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is riding down a new road of two-wheeled safety and cutting edge technology.

The latest in motorcycle safety comes in the form of Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 S D|air and will be available from European Ducati Stores around the middle of July 2015. The company is boasting this new generation of motorcycle technology as ‘Ducati's commitment to the continuous improvement of safety’.

How the new Multistrada 1200 S D|air marks an important chapter in technological innovation, safety and riding pleasure is by adding an intelligent system that's integrated into the chassis and connected wirelessly to the Ducati Apparel D|air® jackets designed by Dainese. The jackets are equipped with airbags which are managed by the Multistrada D|air system. The system analyzes riding data and has the ability to deploy the jacket airbag, of both rider and passenger, in barely 45 milliseconds, considerably reducing the risk of injuries from impacts.

The D|air® System is designed to protect the vital organs of both rider and passenger aboard the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S.

This motorcycle innovation has received industry recognition in Europe. Last month the technology was awarded the ‘Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize’ making the Multistrada 1200 S D|air is the first standard production bike to receive this award.

"Ducati has always been committed to research aimed at improving safety. In the last ten years we have developed a number of systems with this aim in mind; from ABS, standard on all our bikes today, which now on the new Multistrada 1200 also includes Cornering, to Traction and Wheelie Control and to semi-active suspension,” Federico Sabbioni, Ducati’s Project Development Director said at the award ceremony held in Vienna in June 2015.

“Passive safety, too, is just as important when you are riding a bike,” Sabbioni explained in his speech accepting the award, “The constructive, innovative collaboration between Ducati and Dainese has led to an evolution of the D|air Street System incorporated into the Multistrada 1200, which also includes a new algorithm that can recognize when the bike is going to crash and activate the airbag. In addition the system of sensors and control units on the bike has been developed together with the chassis to ensure quality and reliability".

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