Driver caught trying to run motorcyclist off a Texas road

OCT 19, 2015 - Clutch and Chrome would like to give fair warning on this motorcycle video pick. The helmet-cam video of a ride through the Texas countryside will leave riders with an uncomfortable blend of disgust and anger with a topping of a horrible, sick feeling.

The NBC affiliate in Dallas posted a video and the story behind it on their website which shows a driver apparently swerving into the path of a passing motorcyclist. The move by the driver of the car seems intentional and to make matters worse, when questioned by a fellow rider of the victim, he shows no remorse.

‘Eric Sanders, the driver of the motorcycle, contends the car's driver swerved intentionally,’ reports, ‘He suffered abrasions in the collision that left his girlfriend in a Fort Worth hospital with a broken wrist and deep arm lacerations.’

While the footage pixelates in many places, the scene shows two sportsbikes riding on a two lane road. The rider in front takes advantage of a break in oncoming traffic to overtake two cars in front of the riding pair.

Admittedly, the motorcycles are breaking the basic law of overtaking on a double yellow line, but this infraction shouldn’t be worth someone’s life. If it is, trying to run someone off the road with your own vehicle should amount to the death penalty.

The friend of the fallen rider confronts the motorist who causes the first motorcycle to crash, throwing the riders across the asphalt road. The discussion is seen in the second video, included below.

“You were crossing a double yellow line’, he says. When told he hit the motorcyclist he replied with “I don’t care.”

Later the driver claims he swerved because a bee stung him, but this obviously doesn’t follow with his comments or demeanor about nearly killing not one, but two other human beings with his car.

And this is essentially what this act comes down to. It doesn’t matter what traffic laws were broken, the actions of this driver are no different than jumping out of his car and shooting at the biker because he’s upset over they were riding.

Fortunately, the police think this as well.

As reported by, Dub Gillum, a senior trooper and spokesman for the Texas Highway Patrol, said the agency has seen the video and that the car's driver may face felony charges.

Readers and riders should reach out to the Texas State Patrol as well as NBCDFW and convey whatever feelings they have after watching this video. Maybe this will help authorities apply the correct level of justice against this driver.

We will leave on this note, if the general public ever questions the behaviour or demeanour of riders, we would point them to this video. The amount of restraint shown by not only the rider run off the road but his buddy who actually spoke to the offending driver can only be commended and admired.

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