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Book and Movie Project Highlights the U.S. Military Motorcyclist

A new motorcycle video and book are in development which will focus on the strong ties between the motorcycle community and military veterans.

Wheels of Victory Productions, a Texas film and documentary firm, will produce “Brotherhood of Thunder: The Story of American Warriors and their Motorcycles.”

The bond between motorcycles and those who have served in the United States military dates back to the returning veterans of World War 2 when many took to the open road on two-wheels. Indeed, it not only led to the growth of the motorcycle’s popularity but created much of the structure found in clubs and on organized rides.

"We are very excited about this project and what it will mean to America’s warriors,” Austin Hines, Managing General Partner, states, “Our goal is to tell the long-overdue and compelling story detailing the growth of and importance of U.S. military motorcycle clubs and the veterans who ride with them.”

Founder of Double A Pictures, Hines is a respected Fort Worth producer. The members of the joint venture include Task Force Home Front, the Brotherhood of Thunder, and Hines’s organization. Substantial funding is provided by AmeriVAL Group and several soon-to-be-announced major sponsors.

“The response to this project has been overwhelming, and we are looking forward to a long-term effort that does a worthy job chronicling the many warriors and heroes who ride with America’s military motorcycle clubs,” Hines notes, “They do awesome work helping fellow veterans and their communities, and these efforts have often been carried out in anonymity.”

According to Hines, the production will provide both a narrative and documentary film, focusing on the history of military motorcycling and the stories of the clubs and their members. The work will also feature highlights from such events as the annual Run for the Wall and Rolling Thunder. Hines additionally points out that all net proceeds from the project will go to support approved projects assisting U.S. veterans.

The participants behind this project will be using several media channels to deliver the story. There are plans for an ongoing web channel and series, DVD, a feature length documentary to be released on the film festival circuit as well as an illustrated book to serve as a definitive resource on this subject

“Many Americans have seen those men and women faithfully riding down the highways and byways of our nation, flying flags and escorting our nation’s fallen heroes,” Christopher Inman, CEO of AmeriVAL Group says. “However, this work will provide a totally new insight into what we call a Brotherhood of Thunder and their selfless and continuing service. AmeriVAL is proud to play a part in making this project a reality.”

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