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The Motorcycle Industry Council's Rider Safety Committee have created a contest with a purpose, offering free biker gear to promote May's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Called ‘Gear Up Every Ride’, the new initiative is built around innovative ways of encouraging riders to use proper motorcycling apparel. Designed by the Motorcycle Industry Council's Rider Safety Committee, a team of experts representing riding gear manufacturers, distributors and marketers, the online contest features not only a new website, but nearly $10,000 in prizes and growing.

The initial round of prizes will be provided by MIC aftermarket members Aerostich, Bell, BMW Motorrad USA, Held, HJC, MotoQuest, REV'IT!, Schuberth and Scorpion. The grand prize is a complete set of gear of the winner's choice from BMW Motorrad USA. This includes a jacket, a pair of pants, a pair of gloves, a pair of boots and a S2, C3 or C3W helmet from Schuberth North America.

To enter the Gear Up Every Ride photo contest, entrants can simply follow Gear up Every Ride on Instagram and/or “like” the page on Facebook and take a photo of themselves and/or their friends wearing proper motorcycling protective gear. The next crucial step, the picture should be posted to either an Instagram account with the tag of #gearupeveryride, or to the Gear Up Every Ride Facebook page.

Based on the number of likes on either social media channel, one winner will be chosen daily by the Gear Up Every Ride judging team with all entrants eligible for the Grand Prize. Riders can post as many pictures as they like, but each must be unique.

An entry from #gearupeveryride's instagram hashtag

Free gear and cool motorcycle pictures aside, Gear Up Every Ride is based on the core principles of education, preparation and inspiration, informing riders of the latest developments and trends in protective equipment. Gear Up is also designed to better prepare riders for the road ahead, guiding them toward the right apparel to take on the challenges that the road and weather might present.

And rather than lecturing riders, the campaign is all about inspiration, ‘in a way that communicates the depth of individual styles and the avenues of self-expression available to riders through their gear’ the contest notes.

"Gear Up is designed to be more of a movement than a public awareness campaign," said Eric Anderson, president of VROOM Network and chair of MIC's Rider Safety Committee. "We want to inspire a fundamental shift in the way riders think, encouraging them to express themselves and the independent spirit of motorcycling through their riding gear. At the same time, we want to help motorcyclists make educated decisions. It's not about shaming riders to do the right thing. It's about providing good information and encouragement to make wise choices."

It’s a regular who’s who of motorcycle industry names. The committee also includes Paolo Bacchiarello of Rev'It, Doug Chapman of Scorpion Sports, George Colvin of Ducati North America, Corey Eastman of Bonnier Corporation, Kevin Hagerty of MotoQuest, Richard Kimes of Helmet House, Mark Kincart of Klim, Randy Northrup of Schuberth North America and Held North America and Sarah Schilke of BMW Motorrad USA.

With this in mind, the riding public should keep an eye out for this Gear Up logo. Soon, the MIC's Rider Safety Committee promises, we’ll be seeing it on helmets, riding apparel, ads and wherever safe riding gear is a priority.

Gear Up's panel of judges will select the grand prize winner, while weekly winners will be randomly chosen. The complete list of rules is available online with the contest open to U.S. residents only.

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