Last Call For Motorcycle Movie ‘A Story Worth Living’

Consider it a last call to get tickets for a unique motorcycle documentary being presented in select cinemas Thursday night.

A documentary of sorts follows six men and their motorcycles as they venture through the Colorado backcountry in ‘A Story Worth Living’. Anyone who has ever taken to the motorcycle saddle quickly creates their dream road trip, an ultimate riding experience in whatever fashion, so it’s inspiring to watch a group of riders who realize such a journey.

Presented by Fathom Events, in partnership with And Sons Magazine and Ransomed Heart, this event is being promoted as more than a motorcycle tour of some of America’s most gorgeous scenery, but also an exploration of life’s trials and tribulations. It will be screened in select theaters on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. local time. Not only will the documentary be presented but an exclusive panel discussion with the cast.

Coming about after being inspired by the film ‘Long Way Round’ starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, the six riders set out to explore the Colorado Rockies. What follows is a wild, bold and monumental journey of a lifetime.

Image from ‘A Story Worth Living’

John Eldredge, author of the New York Times best-seller Wild at Heart, and his three sons are joined by two friends for a thousand-mile ride through the best dual-sport tracks the Centennial State has to offer. They call themselves novice riders, but take on the Colorado backcountry on BMW F 800 GS Adventure motorcycles. They were left with a documentary about life, meaning and the longing to be part of an adventure bigger than one’s self that is written on every human heart.

“Too many adventure productions are high on great footage, but desolate when it comes to content and meaning,” Eldredge explains, “You can only watch so many adrenaline shots until you want something meatier, an event that explores something worth your while.”

In an effort to give our readers full disclosure, this motorcycle documentary is being promoted as a ‘faith-based’ film in some advertising channels.

‘One of our sponsors, [BMW Motorrad], was at first very leery to be involved with a “faith-based” film,’ writes Eldredge in a promotional email, ‘But having seen the final product, they did a 180 and ordered a version with German subtitles to show at their big motorcycle rally this summer!’

‘This is an incredible opportunity to introduce people to the Gospel you love, not the wacky religious but the deeply beautiful Jesus and the epic Story he is telling,' he continues, ‘As we’ve shown the film to the curators of secular film festivals, motorcycle magazines and off-road expos, we are receiving fabulous feedback. This is a film that invites, not offends. Which is a wonderful thing for the Gospel in this postmodern hour.’

As mentioned, ‘A Story Worth Living’ will be shown in select cinemas on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. local time.

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    This is exactly the reason we mentioned it in this report of the movie. Quite frankly, we only found out it was faith-based because someone forwarded an email aimed at that market which outlined what we said, and you pointed out.

    Your point was very well outlined and we agree.

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    Justice Rules


    Let me put this in the clearest possible terms. John Eldredge went on the 700 Club and other religious programs and actually promoted this disaster of a movie honestly. I guess this is why the 70-something church ladies were at the showing I attended. I don't typically feel the need to research the filmmakers before going to a movie because generally there are critic reviews and other information plugged into the promotional effort.

    When I went on their "Partners" page (which has since been taken down because of the complaints they received from some or ALL of these suppliers) and saw all the great organizations who were in one way or another supporting this film and then Charley Boorman pops up with his wonderful smile explaining how cool this was - i figured this should be a great motorcycling movie, right? It turns out many (ALL?) of these "partners" were also duped and are none too happy about it.

    While the filmmakers claim in their open letter "apology" about how some in the riding community may have mistakenly thought this was going to be about motorcycling - they claim they never HID their true motives. This, of course, is utter nonsense. Feel free to copy and paste this link to the 700 club interview that Padre did:

    at about 9:20 into the interview this huckster gleefully lets loose this little gem (just one day before the one night showing of the sham that has NO reviews prior to the showing - he officially lets the cat out of the bag):

    “…the cool part of this story is that we’ve got all kinds of unbelievers who are coming to this show on Thursday night ... because of the motorcycles, Colorado, adventure – and they’re going to get a taste of the Kingdom of God.”

    Now I don't know about you but I don't see how there could be a clearer admission of the intentional deceit foisted upon the riding community. So when they claim in their "apology" here: that somehow we must not have been paying close enough attention they are simply further perpetuating this scam.

    Yes, they're offering refunds - and why not, it beats getting sued. What about the tens of thousands of hours of our lives we won't get back? What about the cost of gas, hotels, tolls, dinners, and everything else that were tacked on to the cost of being tricked into seeing this silly little movie?

    Did anybody get hurt or worse, killed because they were going to see a movie that they were only going to because they were duped?

    It would be great to see an article following up on what many of us feel was an intentionally deceitful, arrogant, and misguided attempt to "save" us - or something?
    All of the websites that promoted this without being given the entire picture could easily make this right by doing some follow up to explain how this kind of nonsense should never be accepted.

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