Sponsors Continue To Join Historic Motorcycle Ride

If the number of sponsors behind an organized ride is anything to go by, the upcoming Sisters’ Centennial Ride will be the group to hang with early next month.

This historic group ride pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren’s remarkable two-wheeled expedition from Sheepshead Bay, N.Y., to San Francisco, Calif., aboard their 1916 Indian motorcycles.

To date the number of well-known motorcycle names stepping up to sponsor the Sisters’ Ride is a who’s who of the biker world with two more added as of yesterday. Kuryakyn Holdings, LLC and Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC, two leading brands in the aftermarket motorcycle industry have added their support of the Sisters’ Centennial Ride.

Sponsorship-wise motorcycle manufacturers, those who make a variety of accessories as well as a mobile demo ride are all coming together on this unique two-wheeled celebration.

“For almost 40 years, Mustang has been proudly handcrafting seats in a renovated, historic mill building near Springfield,” said Mustang Director of Business Development Marilyn Simmons. “We are very excited that the Sisters’ Ride Launch Party is here in the original home of Indian Motorcycle.

In many ways, it seems this is more than just a sponsorship for Mustang Motorcycle Products.

“I remember how rare it was to see a fellow woman rider back in 1968 when I got my license, so I have the greatest respect for the accomplishments of the Van Buren sisters over a half-century earlier,” notes Simmons.

It appears Kuryakyn has the same sentiments.

“Kuryakyn is thrilled to support this amazing event honoring the Van Buren sisters’ journey that sparked a movement to shift the mindsets of men and women across the country,” said Kuryakyn Marketing and Communications Manager Undria Davis. “Today there are more female riders than ever enjoying the open roads; a number that continues to increase every day. The participants, organizers and supporters of the Sisters’ Centennial Ride will undoubtedly encourage even more women around the world to take that leap into the lifestyle.”

Aside from the historical importance of this ride, the itinerary brings its own biker reasons to either join in the fun, or at least watch from afar. Notable stops along the way include the AMA Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, for Vintage Motorcycle Days, the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, as well as the group’s ascent of Pike’s Peak in Colorado to honor the Van Buren sisters’ feat of becoming the first women to reach the 14,115-foot summit by motorcycle.

“It’s exciting for us to have two complementary brands such as Kuryakyn and Mustang on board with the Sisters’ Ride,” said event organizer Alisa Clickenger. “We all know that rider comfort is essential on long rides, and both Kuryakyn and Mustang demonstrate a passion to enhance the riding experience for all motorcyclists.”

The Sisters’ Centennial Ride’s charitable efforts include support of Final Salute Inc., an organization providing temporary and permanent housing for homeless female veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists, which provides scholarships for motorcycle training to promote the growth of female instructors and coaches for all disciplines of motorcycling.

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