Indian Motorcycle Apparel Is So Hot, They're Stealing It

A recent robbery proves two very important points. First, Canadians aren’t as nice as the stereotypes would have us believe. Second, Indian apparel is so popular, people are stealing it.

Cycle Works, a motorcycle dealership in Alberta, Canada which sells KTM, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Yamaha and of course Indian Motorcycle had two uninvited guests Monday evening.

According to a report by CTV News Calgary, two unidentified thieves removed roughly $20,000 in Indian Motorcycle merchandise during the Monday evening break-in.

The Indian apparel, leather jackets, t-shirts and caps was stockpiled in preparation for Cycle Works upcoming grand opening.

A western province of Canada, Alberta is the country’s fourth-most populous province. It’s also a hard place to find Indian motorcycle apparel, with Cycle Works is the only dealer in southern Alberta selling Indian Motorcycle apparel making it difficult for the thieves to sell their ill-gotten gains.

“If it shows up on Kijiji or out the back of a truck we know that that product probably came from this robbery” Vince Aiello, Cycle Works general manager told CTV News Calgary.

Forget the bikes, thieves want the gear!

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