Ducati Reveals Its Motorcycle Magnificent Seven

Ladies and gentlemen of the motorcycle world, Ducati is proud to introduce its seven successful globetrotters for what promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

But what does it take to be one of seven chosen from thousands of hopeful applicants? Clutch and Chrome gives more insight to the process and details who the seven riders are. A video of this can be found here in our previous story.

It all started in April when Ducati announced they were looking for not only enthusiastic riders but prolific writers as well with their focus on motorcycle bloggers and bikers who live on social media to record the proposed trip.

The prize? A trip that’ll take a group riders around the world, visiting places that are important in Ducati's history and meeting people who are legends to fans of the Italian motorcycle brand.

The fourteen finalists preparing for Ducati's selection process, the 'bootcamp' - Source Ducati

According to Ducati, it wasn’t a simple task selecting the finalists. Choosing what’s being called ‘the magnificent seven’ was a very methodical operation, starting in April with an online ‘casting call’ on the Ducati website. Regardless of gender, amateur or professional, whatever the nationality, enrollment was open to everyone, the only requirements being: long-distance travel experience, preferably solo; editorial and photographic ability and aptitude; good knowledge of the English language and a great spirit of adventure.

Just a few days after the contest started, the number of applications rocketed to over 3,000, with submissions coming from all over the world and of all ages, far beyond Ducati’s expectations.

These initial applicants were narrowed down to 14 semi-finalists who were flown to the scenic setting of the Castello di Nipozzano, in Tuscany on June 14 for a type of bootcamp. The location for this next stage hosts the DRE Enduro, a real Ducati riding academy which covers over 600 acres where riders can learn technical skills and off-road driving tricks under the supervision of experienced and qualified riders, led by Beppe Gualini of ex-Dakar fame.

Finalists being put through Ducati's selection process, the 'bootcamp' - Source Ducati

The 14 candidates were tested on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro and on basic mechanical skills. As a result of the day, seven Globetrotters from seven different countries were designated, ready to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives.

The riders and the stages they’ll ride are as follows;

Stage One – Bologna to Moscow. Rider: Vir Nakai from India

37 years old, Vir owns a motorcycle repair shop in Mumbai, but he is a travel writer and photographer. Motorcycling is all his life and has been since he was a child, travelling on the tank of his father's bike.

“There is no other adventure in the world but the one you can find riding a motorcycle," he says. He has travelled throughout India, from the Himalayas to Bangalore, and in the coming venture he would like to “absorb every drop of it in order to become a part of it, smell the scents, smile and tell the tale".

 Stage Two – The Trans-Siberian Route. Rider: Steve Fraser from Australia

50 years old, from Kalamunda, Perth, Steve describes himself as a ‘professional photographer and adventurer’. Specialized in photographic panoramas, he loves to learn about new cultures and experience the intense sense of adventure while riding a motorbike.

Stage Three – Japan: Rider Jessica Leyne from Belgium

27 years old, from Leke, Flanders, Jessica is a maths teacher and web designer, but above all, as she says, ‘has more oil and fuel than blood in her veins’. She has visited Norway and Romania, Slovakia and Italy riding her motorcycle, with no obstacles that would have stopped her, not even the frozen visor, mud up to the saddle or as much as a fractured wrist. Because she notes "on a motorbike I’ve had many challenging days, but I’ve never had a single bad day".

Finalists being put through Ducati's selection process, the 'bootcamp' - Source Ducati

 Stage Four – San Fancisco to Indianapolis. Rider: Eduardo Generali from Brazil

28 years old, from Itu, São Paulo State, Eduardo is a travel guide and instructor. His passion for bikes was p[assed from his father and has become Eduardo’s way of life, arranging and conducting tours through the Atacama desert in Chile, in Patagonia and Bolivia. His favorite journey was the one taken with his brother, 30,000 km from Brazil to Alaska.

Stage Five – Indianapolis to Lisbon. Rider: Samuel Bendall from the USA

31 years old, from Los Angeles, a journalist and photographer. At the age of 5 Samuel decided to devote himself entirely to his passions: writing, photography, travel and especially motorcycling. Bendall is also a motorcycle instructor.

“Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to explore, learn about new cultures and travel the world” says this newly anointed Ducati Globetrotter, “Today I can finally accomplish that dream on a Multistrada Enduro and it’s going to be awesome!”

Stage Six – Lisbon to Isle of Man. Rider: Hugo Wilson from the UK

At 54 years old, Wilson is the oldest Globetrotter. He is a motorcycle magazine publisher, coming from Stamford in Lincolnshire. He has travelled by motorcycle mostly around Europe and the Mediterranean. A writer and photographer, he admits his passion for motorcycling started at the age of 10 when he first saw his cousin’s Ducati.

“It was love at first sight! And when I finally bought my first bike, it could only have been a Ducati,” Wilson says, “Once a Ducati, always a Ducati”.

 Stage Seven – Isle of Man. Rider: Timo Schafer from Germany

30 years old, from Karlsruhe, Timo is a mechanical engineering student with a passion for motorcycles that he acquired from his brother. His first motorcycle was a Cagiva Elephant, so he likes to say that Ducati actually was a question of fate. The gearheads and motorcycle historians among our readership will know the Cagiva Elephant had a Ducati engine, when the latter became part of the Castiglioni Group. Described as cheerful and enthusiastic, he wants to live every adventure to the full.

What’s Next

Now the seven Ducati Globetrotters have been selected, the round-the-world trip is ready to retrace the most significant stages of the 90 years of history belonging to Ducati. Over 30,000 kilometres await the seven “torchbearers” split into a relay race as they step in to replace each other on the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, recording the places and people that have built the brand’s history in an online diary.

The first of the seven Globetrotters will be leaving Monday July 4, 2016, exactly 90 years after Ducati was founded with the motorcycle adventurers starting out from the Borgo Panigale factory.

Set in World Ducati Week, the major gathering taking place from July 1 – 3 at the Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli”, celebrated by a parade of motorcycles from the Ducati Owners Clubs (DOC’s), considered the heart of the Ducati Community. This parade will escort the first lucky Globetrotter from Misano to Bologna to officially start this extraordinary adventure.

The seven riders will undertake the seven different legs of this round-the-world trip as detailed above on a Multistrada 1200 Enduro. A relay across 3 continents, passing from one to another the specially designed “torch” created by the Ducati Design Center to symbolically spread the fire of passion around the globe, which the Italian motorcycle manufacturer feels represents ‘the passion that burns and fuels the spirit of Ducati’.

Interested riders can follow this globetrotting adventure with the roadtrip’s website, Ducati’s Facebook page and keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag of #globetrotter90.

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