Is Sunday The Last Ride For Norman Reedus?

When actor Norman Reedus rides onto the small screen this weekend, it’ll wrap up AMC’s six episode commitment for the motorcycle show ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ leaving many to wonder, will he ride again?

It goes without saying, the biker himself, Norman Reedus will of course ride on. It was his obvious passion for riding anything on two wheels seen on and off screen that made Reedus a great choice for a show about motorcycles.

However, aside from those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the actor riding around Hollywood or to and from the Walking Dead set, will the rest of the viewing world be able to see the motorcycle passions of Noman Reedus going forward?

Clutch and Chrome noted before, this series was a brave undertaking by not only the network who put up the cold hard cash, but also the star as well. There are no doubts Reedus is enjoying a moment in his career where he can pick and choose his projects. A great example of this ‘star power’ is the very fact he’s joined the elite club of celebrities to appear and essentially act in a video game.

To take on a unique project such as ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ which had the goal of presenting our world of motorcycles at a different pace using a delivery akin to the travel logs of Anthony Bourdain at this high point in his career was a bold move.

We’re sure if asked, Reedus would dampen such praise with ‘It just seemed like a really cool thing to do’, but in the end it was a welcomed breath of fresh air for the world of motorcycle television.

A sneak peek at Episode Six of 'Ride With Norman Reedus'

As for knowing whether a television series will be renewed, that is a question that vexes experts and fans alike. While far from scientific, following the number of viewers that tuned in tends to give a good indication. Looking at the performance of the series in simple numbers, the premiere attracted 750,000 viewers making it the best viewed episode out of the first five. The lowest ratings came with the third episode which went up against the NBA play-off finals, falling to 470,000 viewers.

That number grew with the fifth episode however, with 610,000 tuning in, coming close to the show’s premiere.

An indication of what viewership numbers are needed for AMC to renew a series can be seen in past shows. We’ll put aside the cable channel’s huge hits such as ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, ‘Into the Badlands’ and ‘Better Call Saul’, listed here in the order of success with the first enjoying over 13 million viewers to AMC’s fourth ranked show which attracts just over 2 million.

‘Halt and Catch Fire’, an AMC original which drew less viewers than ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ was renewed and the same can be said about ‘Turn: Washington Spies’ which was also renewed for a total of three seasons.

Not to get the legion of Reedus fans too worked up, but considering cost comparisons of these AMC shows with smaller viewerships, the motorcycle outing must be cheaper to produce.

Aside from Reedus, the show features a guest host, several camera crews and a terribly hidden SUV seen in many of the riding shots. As with any professional motorcycle road trip there are chase vans carrying luggage, spare parts and some sort of emergency medical technician on hand. Without putting pen to paper, at a glance these can’t add to anywhere near the budgets of ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ or ‘Turn: Washington Spies’ which hire hundreds of actors as well as the supporting directors and film crews.

Before fans of the actor or those of the motorcycle series put a possible renewal in the ‘sure-fire’ column there are a few other factors at play. First is whether Norman Reedus would even want to do a second series. There is a possibility the filming of the show or its experiences didn’t live up to his expectations or maybe there aren’t any camera-worthy road trips that interest the actor.

Then a thought should be given to the question on the mind of every Walking Dead fan, which character is killed off when the new season kicks off? If it is Daryl, the character played by Norman Reedus, will any new work or projects he takes give him the time to film a second series of ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’?

Regardless of this speculation, Reedus fans are leaving nothing to chance and already have a social media campaign in motion to ensure the star is able to say no if he wishes. The hashtags of #renewridewithnormanreedus, #wewantseason2 and #saveridewithnormanreedus are already in play with many of the actor’s 2.8 million twitter followers floating a social insistence Norman Reedus takes to the open road again, black SUV in tow.

Norman Reedus With Peter Fonda for the final episode of Season One - Source AMC

Whether or not bikers are fans of the actor, the series that’s made him a household name or any of the cult movies he’s starred in, 'Ride with Norman Reedus' certainly lends itself to the new popularity motorcycles seem to be enjoying. This in itself should be reason enough for the riding community to have some stake in whether we see ‘Riding with Norman Reedus….Again’ or not.

For riders who haven’t seen the show as well as those who will watch it through the thought of knowing it’s the last one for the first series, the sixth episode will be shown on AMC Sunday night at Sundays at 10/9c. AMC is pulling out the big names for this final show with Peter Fonda joining Reedus for some adventures in Florida which guarantees two things; craziness and beautiful shots of riding through the Florida Keys.

As Clutch and Chrome is based in South Florida we can answer the questions every viewer will ask, we survive by riding with our heads on a swivel and yes, it really does look that beautiful in-person.

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