Concept Drawings Depict Radical BMW Motorcycles

Several concept motorcycles from a Turkish designer is casting everyone’s favorite two-wheeled past time as anything from a minimalist future to something seen in a science fiction fantasy.

Although his country is stumbling through political unrest, the visions of Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem are clearly fanciful and unique. Jewelry, homes and vehicles that ride on cushions of air are all seen on Erdem’s webpage, but motorcycles definitely dominate his designs.

It should be noted, none of the items have been built, instead beautifully rendered in lifelike drawings.

While many of his designs are around motorcycles, the most recent use the BMW Motorrad brand. But Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Mercedes have all received the 'Mehmet' treatments. From what Clutch and Chrome understands, these aren't official concept vehicles. The two most recent drawings have the artistic range noted in the opening sentence of this article.

The most recent concept has been nicknamed Batman’s motorcycle by some media outlets and 'The Shark' by others, but the feelings around the Clutch and Chrome offices places it firmly in a science fiction fantasy. To be fair, we’re not even certain it could be called a motorcycle as the drawing only shows one wheel.


It’s hard to use the description of fanciful as it can apparently apply to everyone one of Erdem’s creations, but we will use it for the other motorcycle design from 2016.

Definitely enjoying two wheels, the concept cleverly combines the minimalist appearance associated with a clean and controlled future society. A few more bells and whistles and it could even lean toward the steampunk concept.

Interestingly enough the second design mixes two of Erdem’s favorite themes, futuristic and classic. Between the smooth lines and spoked wheels the two mix together magically.


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