Our Sturgis Adventure - Reporting From The Legendary Motorcycle Rally

On August 8th, the largest motorcycle event in the world will officially kick off in Sturgis, South Dakota celebrating its 76th year. Clutch and Chrome goes where the motorcycle story is and we want to take our readers with us.

We already have calendar full of people to see and places to be, but as with anything to do with motorcycles, it’s not the destination that necessarily matters, instead the journey. Clutch and Chrome will ride from its South Florida offices to the legendary rally, a trip totaling 2,330 miles starting in one of the southernmost states and ends in South Dakota, which is firmly in the Northern territories of America.

For Clutch and Chrome the highlight of this trip is the opportunity to take our readers along. Not only will we report from the road in the pages of this website, on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Clutch and Chrome will also share the adventure on our YouTube and Periscope channels. To follow on periscope, install the smartphone application and search @clutchandchrome for our profile. Some video will be streamed, giving readers the chance to join us in the saddle and behind the scenes of our reporting, all as it happens.

Much of this will start from the road as we cut through National Forests and cruise along scenic roads between here and there. Totaling six days of travel, readers may note from the map below the first two are filled with freeway riding to get out Florida which admittedly doesn’t offer much exciting footage. However, by day three the journey will take on better views and more interesting legs.

Once at Sturgis, Clutch and Chrome will bring riders along who aren’t able to attend with videos streamed and uploaded, photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as the more traditional reporting on this website. On tap, test rides of the latest models, the sights and sounds of the legendary Sturgis rally and visits to the iconic places such as the Buffalo Chip and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum as well as riding the local jaw-dropping roads.

Without naming names, readers can also expect some famous faces to pop-up during this Sturgis adventure.

Not only would we ask our readers to join us as much as they can, but would welcome suggestions of places and things to see and do. This includes anything along the way as well the time spent at Sturgis. Let us know through Twitter by including @clutchandchrome in your tweet or comment on any of our Facebook posts.

Of course, for riders heading to Sturgis themselves, look for us wandering the streets and riding the roads with our Clutch and Chrome apparel and introduce yourself!

The adventure begins on July 31st as Clutch and Chrome leaves its South Florida offices with the expectation of arriving in Sturgis for August 6th. It goes without saying, your company will make the trip that much better.

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