Bike Builder's Story As Interesting As His Custom Motorcycles

Riding through whatever is thrown at them along the way is one of the common strengths among motorcycle enthusiasts. British Custom shines a light on this quality, dramatically shown by Taiwanese custom bike builder Queen Houng.

A Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts, British Customs feature the amazing story of Houng on the company’s website. Celebrating his unbreakable spirit and inspiring passion, British Customs published an in-depth profile on Houng, better known as ONEHANDMADE, on their blog.

The story begins over a decade ago when Queen Houng went for a ride on his motorcycle in Taiwan. On that fateful day, there were two things in his future which he never saw coming. Houng would be hit by a car and lose the use of his right arm, and overcome this to achieve a dream of becoming a world-renowned custom motorcycle builder in spite of his setback.

The touching story told on the British Custom’s website follows his childhood fascination with all things wheeled and a lifelong dream to become a motorcycle racer. This journey, which is told from Houng’s perspective and translated from Taiwanese into English, leads to his discovery of custom motorcycles in a wayward Japanese motorcycle magazine and the following struggles to become a custom motorcycle builder.

Houng grew up in a small town in Taiwan and always knew since he was a child that he wanted to spend his life working on motorcycles. He became an apprentice at a local motorcycle shop as soon as he was able to, learning everything he possibly could for $100 a month. He devoted every spare minute to learning new skills that would aid him on his journey and invested in buying machinery whenever he had the money.

Queen Houng working on his latest custom creation - Source British Customs

It was during this self-created apprenticeship and while in his early twenties, Houng was hit by a car while out on a motorcycle ride one day. The crash severed the nerve plexus of his right hand, causing him to nearly entirely lose the use of his primary arm. In spite of this crushing setback, he never gave up on his dream to become a custom motorcycle builder.

Houng’s girlfriend, who later became his wife, promised that her hands would always be his right hand, and she learned to help him build custom motorcycles by welding and operating machinery with him. Over time, they would go on to have a child and form a family as Houng slowly recovered partial use of his right hand and finished gaining the skills he needed to become a custom motorcycle builder.

When he was ready, he and his family moved to Taipei and he opened up his own shop, which he called ONEHANDMADE.

Queen Houng and his son enjoy some saddle time! Source British Customs

Since opening his own shop, Houng’s custom motorcycles have gone on to be featured in numerous international outlets including BikeEXIF, HiConsumption, and elsewhere, gaining him immense and widespread respect. Houng’s builds are known for their demonstration of extremely high levels of craftsmanship and their unique aesthetics, taking modern classic motorcycles and transforming them into modern renditions of vintage styles including street trackers and scramblers.

Houng’s profile on the British Customs’ blog is part of an ongoing series to share the inspiring hard work, accomplishments and passion of builders such as Houng that may otherwise go unnoticed by the global motorcycle community. Numerous other builders including Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, Craig Marleau of Kickstart Garage, Paul Miller of PanicRev Customs, and others have been proudly featured in the series to help share what they do with the community at large.

Houng’s story can be read in full here on British Customs’ blog.

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