Big Bucks Spent on Batman's Batpod At Auction

Somewhere, in someone’s garage, sits what many would consider the coolest motorcycle, the famous Batpod as seen in the action films The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

An auction of movie props that attracted bikers and comic book geeks alike wrapped up yesterday, setting quite a few records. While it’s not clear if the final winning bid for the Batpod was one of those records, it was still a considerable amount.

For readers who may’ve missed Clutch and Chrome’s story about this auction filed on September 1st, the event was as highly produced as the movies the props originally appeared in. The BFI IMAX and Prop Store auction boasted a collection of Film & TV memorabilia worth an excess of $2 million. The items going on auction were displayed at the BFI IMAX in London as of September 14th with two days of bidding wrapping up yesterday.

The Batpod earned a winning bid of $405,000 dollars, a price surely driven by the fact this was the first time the famous motorcycle from the action films ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, directed by Christopher Nolan, was made available at public auction.

What $405,000 buys today

Conceived by Christopher Nolan and the film’s production designer Nathan Crowley, Batman’s high-tech motorcycle was custom-designed and completely original for the productions. Those who remember the release of the ‘The Dark Knight’ may recall all the world talked about was Batman cool new ride. Film fans around the world admired the unique vehicle in both movies, with its uniquely memorable shape and massive oversized tires.

“I hesitate to call it a motorcycle because its design was much more exotic and powerful looking than a tradition motorcycle,” Christopher Nolan, the film’s director said in the special ‘The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy’.

The incredible Batpod is designed for a rider in a prone position who steers the vehicle with their arms and shoulders and features advanced design elements such as an exhaust system integrated within the framework. Fiberglass body panels are finished in metallic grey paint cover the bike’s engine and handlebars with a pair of cannon barrels made of plastic, resin and fiberglass are secured at the front of the vehicle, and a laser targeting unit is fitted above the right hand grip. A radiator and hydraulics are fitted behind the saddle, and the braking system is operated by controls on the left handle and the right pedal. Black foam padding is installed on the body, saddle and knee rests for comfort while riding.

It also features the following:

Custom-made chassis with 31’’ Hoosier racing tires

Honda 750 engine

Dimensions: 380 cm x 120 cm x 107 cm (149 ½ - x 47 ¼ x 42 ¼)

Warner Bros. Certificate of Authenticity

Other big items

Records were definitely set at the auction, a TIE fighter pilot helmet from the first ‘Star Wars’ movie ‘A New Hope’ made $273,000, setting a new record price for a helmet from the movie series, following the auction of a Stormtrooper helmet from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ last year, which made $102,000.

Two batsuits from the same movies that starred the Batpod also went under the hammer. Batman’s suit from ‘The Dark Knight’ was bought for $248,000 and $125,000 was the winning bid for the suit from ‘Batman Begins’.

There was no confirmation whether the same person who bought the Batpod had any luck with the winning bids with the batsuits, although it would make perfect sense to have the whole set.

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