From Creaky Barn To Auction - Classic Motorcycle & Sidecar's

Always a fascination at biker events and seemingly forever one heartbeat away from making a comeback, the motorcycle sidecar makes riding news with four classic examples appearing at an upcoming auction

Coming from yet another adventure by Clutch and Chrome’s favorite motorcycle detective, Mark Bryan of H&H Classics Motorcycle Department found four motorcycles with sidecars from the 1920s and 1930’s.

“Sometimes you just get lucky!” says Bryan discussing the recent find of the four dust-covered classics in a creaky old barn.

Britain’s very own biker version of ‘Indian Jones’ found a 1924 AJS Model D Combo, 1932 BSA G12 Combo used by the Bath City Police which was still bearing the name, 1930 BSA Sloper Combo and a 1925 Quadrant Combo. All reportedly in ‘fabulous original condition’.

1932 BSA G12 Combo, Bath City Police - Source H&H Classics

The bikes were collected by the same family through a passion for motorcycle sidecars. Ironically, at one point they were scheduled to be shown in a museum but for an unknown reason, never were.

Clutch and Chrome highlighted Mark Bryan’s past motorcycle discoveries in our article ‘A British Motorcycle Sleuth Searching For Lost Classics’.

Falling down cowsheds, old country barns, derelict factories [as well as] boarded up shops in the rundown parts of town, it’s almost as if he has a sixth sense about what to look for. As his track record shows he has found a range of valuable bikes in the most unexpected places.

Take the outer Hebridean islands in Scotland for starters, not a place one would think to go looking for motorcycle, nor that part of Spain where it never rains in the far distant plains in the agricultural heart of the country as well as a rundown industrial estate in Walsall, a large industrial town in the West Midlands of England.

All these unlikely destinations have in fact delivered stunning examples of historic motorcycles that have gone on to earn large, winning bids at H&H Classics auctions. One of the strangest of his finds, and considered by Bryan as the most satisfying, was a classic Vincent motorcycle which emerged from an airing cupboard which would sell for over $75,000.

1924 AJS Model D Combo - Source H&H Classics

The latest findings will go to auction in Donington Park on November 16th at the next H&H Classics big bike sale.

“It would have been a very happy result to find one of these marvelous old combos in the barn,” Bryan notes, explaining the remarkable condition of the motorcycles, “to find four was amazing. I could barely believe it at first.”

1930 BSA Sloper Combo – Source H&H Classics

1925 Quadrant Combo – Source H&H Classics

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