Captain America's Ride In Motorcycle Memorabilia Auction

Earlier this month it was announced the Harley Davidson Café in Las Vegas would be closing after nineteen years. Much of the memorabilia seen in the restaurant goes to auction later this week.

A notable a motorcycle landmark on the famous Vegas strip, Harley Davidson Café served casual American food including burgers, sandwiches and barbecue. What made the restaurant different was the setting. The interior featured Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with some on a conveyer belt moving above diner’s heads. The café’s walls were covered with memorabilia such as a Jon Bon Jovi snakeskin jacket designed by Gianni Versace.

Following the route of Vegas weddings, the Chopper chapel was added allowing guests to be married by Elvis or renew their vows.

Rumors about the motorcycle-themed restaurant began to spread locally when the Harley Davidson Café cut back hours and removed their breakfast schedule. This is a long road from its grand opening in 1997 when its red carpet event was attended by Burt Reynolds, Carrot Top, Stephanie Powers, Downtown Julie Brown, Donna D’Erico, Pamela Anderson Lee and Jon Voight.

Nellis Auction is holding an online auction for over 350 pieces of historical memorabilia. Motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors who’d like to own a piece of Harley Davidson and Las Vegas’ legendary history have until Friday, October 28 to place their bids.

Auction items include signed fuel tanks, framed memorabilia, displayed motorcycles, metal eagle with 20ft wingspan and obviously much more. A complete list of auction items are detailed under auction #74 at Nellis Auction’s website or, for those close to Las Vegas, can been seen at a live auction preview, Friday, October 28th, 2016 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at the Harley Davidson Café.

An example of the unique motorcycle items found at this auction is seen with what’s called a 'movie prop' by the auction website, a Captain America motorcycle from the movie Easy Rider. The auction calls this 'Peter Fonda's actual motorcycle in the movie "Easy Rider", but there has been much controversy around the authenticity of various Captain America motorcycles.

“Harley Davidson Café was a prominent Las Vegas Strip restaurant for over 20 years. Now that it’s closing, anyone interested in owning a piece of Harley Davidson and Las Vegas history can participate in the online business liquidation auction for a chance to win spectacular treasures, such as original autographed, framed and matted items by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley,” said Nellis Auction general manager Spencer Chupinsky.

Bids will begin to close at 6:00 PM (PST) and interested bidders must have a registered account with Nellis Auction for chance to participate in online auction. All items will be sold to the highest bidder with no reserves.

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