His reputation was earned on the rugged trails of the enduro motorcycle world and later this year Dick “King Richard” Burleson will become an AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Legend.

The hum of electric bikes will fill the air this weekend as owners of Zero motorcycles come together to celebrate ten years of the groundbreaking brand.

The question of which biker was in most need in a makeover has been answered, at least as far as a contest held by Garage-Girls and GEICO is concerned.

A lawsuit seeking millions of dollars is a sure sign Harley-Davidson has had enough of an online retailer it claims is selling clothing bearing the famous brands the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer is known for.

Coming on the heels of two U.S. studies around rider safety, the topic is also enjoying the spotlight at an annual motorcycle conference being held in Europe, in a way officially making it a worldwide concern.

The first day of September marked an award-winning record and new title as Valerie Thompson earned the moniker of world’s fastest female motorcycle racer at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

The first leg of a record-breaking trip to celebrate ninety years of Ducati motorcycles has been completed, with one globetrotting rider passing a baton to another in Moscow.

Passionate opinions fill a void of facts in the discussion of helmets and motorcycle safety. Between a recent nationwide study and a new report focusing on Michigan, that void is quickly being filled with cold hard data.

Whether a fan of Harley-Davidson or not, the Discovery Channel kicks of a television event tonight every rider should tune in for, a drama series following the birth of motorcycles with ‘Harley and the Davidsons’.

Owners of Kawasaki motorcycles have a new riders group to belong to. Sort of. The Riders of Kawasaki motorcycle loyalty club has teamed up with the American Motorcyclist Association in a unique partnership.

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