There are many things to be said about Daytona Bike Week, not least of which is the simple fact it kicks off the motorcycle calendar for two-wheeled events and essentially getting back in the saddle. And GEICO knows this.

There are few riders with the enthusiasm for their chosen motorcycle brand as those who own a Ducati and every two years, there’s a worldwide celebration of just that.

For some, it may have been a long wait, but Custom bike building kings have been crowned for the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Competition taking place in conjunction with The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

There are many things to say about Daytona Bike Week, one of them would be noting Harley-Davidson is in fact the only official motorcycle of the 75th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week.

It could be termed as the old joining with the new. One of the oldest motorcycle organizations, American Motorcyclist Association has partnered with the leader in the electric motorcycles industry, Zero Motorcycles.

Twenty two years ago, NASCAR driver Kyle Petty combined his passion for helping others with his love of motorcycles to create the ‘Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America’.

JAN 05, 2015 - With announcements of bigger television screens and new computer gadgets dominating the news out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one might miss the latest breakthroughs in motorcycle-related technology.

DEC 07, 2015 - The emission scandal which continues to haunt an automotive conglomerate may leave Ducati riding down a familiar, if not lonely road.

DEC 11, 2015 - Wondering what everyone could be riding next year? The answer may’ve been seen in the Big Apple yesterday when Victory Motorcycles revealed its concept series engine at the latest edition of the International Motorcycle Show.

DEC 10, 2015 - More than ever before, riders are being offered viable electric alternatives in the world of motorcycles. Quite frankly, it’s hard not to feel the buzz around electric motorcycles. What is difficult is imagining such a ride when a biker’s senses and familiarities have been set by the gas-driven standards.

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