A Motorcycle Book For The Holiday Wish List - Next Year

If there were ever a topic made for coffee table books, it would be the world of motorcycles. Ducati is the latest example of this with a photographic book celebrating its 90th anniversary.

Just as a word of warning to anyone reading this outside of Italy or even those who may not understand Italian, the book is only currently available in the native language of Ducati and available in bookstores found in its home country of Italy.

But with the book featuring such beautiful pictures and knowing it will be making its way to markets outside of Italy in Spring 2017, how could we not take a quick look at it now?

Titled ‘Style Ducati. A picture story’ and published by Skira the new book is a fascinating journey of unique shots that highlight the aesthetic and lines of Ducati motorcycles. The book traces the evolution of the Ducati Design through 19 icons: from the puppy to the 1299 Panigale S Anniversary, through the 916. More than 150 photos to tell the brand Ducati in quality work composed of 336 pages in Italian and English.

Cover of the new Ducati picture book, presented in Italian of course

‘A unique history of always being prepared to enhance the beauty, purity, strength of Ducati style, which together with elegance and performance is one of the three core values ​​of the brand,’ notes Ducati.

The photographic narrative, finally, is interspersed with some assertions that tell the Design according to Ducati. Two of the quotes in the book are, for example: ‘Our bike transmit the same tension, concentration and power that sculpt the body of a sprinter in the starting blocks’ and ‘The Ducati style stands out because it is in every single component, also the least visible’.”

The book was conceived and produced within the Ducati, from concept development to the photographic style choice and storytelling. The photos are by Giovanni De Sandre, who with his professionalism has been able to portray the beauty of each line of Ducati motorcycles.


Each chapter starts with tight, close pictures, presented in a unique sequence that highlights the aesthetic and lines of Ducati, presented as works of art. At the end of each chapter there is the shot of the entire motorcycle, portrayed on a black background, which highlights the main lines and the beauty of its forms.

All chapters of the book are accompanied by a brief description of the bike and the most relevant aspects of his study, as well as the historical context. In closing, the book devotes two pages to the highlights of Ducati history and descriptive index of the images.

"Every [one of] our bikes shows itself to have all the brand's genes. It must have a sporty style, ie adrenaline, muscle, fluid, and technician,” Andrea Ferraresi, Director of Ducati Design Centre, said. “At the same time it must be a pure design, basic, no-frills, able to communicate light weight, high performance and driving pleasure. A design that communicates, at first glance, an emotion which is the anticipation of what you will try riding the bike. "

‘Style Ducati. A story in pictures’ is on sale in all Italian bookstores, available through Ducati and Sikra’s online stores as of December 21st. The book will then be available in the international book market from spring 2017.


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