Sena Offers Up a World of Riding Buddies

Technology, smartphone applications and would-be biker buddies are coming together to ensure motorcycle enthusiasts never ride alone. The price of entry, a Sena Bluetooth headset.

Worlds appear to merge with Sena Technologies release of their RideConnected App, which connects riders from around the world.

‘Riders may now connect with more riders than ever before through any Sena Bluetooth headset with the RideConnected App,’ the bluetooth experts explain.

Users can set up a personal profile, create different teams and invite friends to create their own profile on the App through SMS message, GPS, or by providing them with a unique four-digit code. Because the app comes from a communications company, users may also use the existing voice prompts of their Sena Bluetooth 4.1 headsets to operate the RideConnected App.

Creating these riding groups and making new friends won’t be limited by range, more virtually limitless with the only constraints coming from how far a cellphone can reach. Connect to WiFi, or a mobile network, and bikers can communicate over any distance, and with multiple riders. 

Created for both iOS and Android phones the RideConnected motorcycle communication App will be available for free in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

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