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JUL 23, 2015 -There are many 'musts' for motorcyclists. Whether the items 'bikers should-have' for every ride includes safety gear such as helmets, gloves and appropriate clothing or the ever handy and incredibly useful bungee cords, there is something new and needed to add to that magical list.

A new smartphone application (app) promises to ‘automatically call and alert emergency services after a heavy collision’ which should help riders receive much needed attention after an accident.

The app, called Collision Call also sends an e-mail to family, work and friends, allowing them to take immediate action.

How does this happen?

Simply speaking, the app measures G-forces which would typically occur during a collision. If those forces exceed a certain level, such as those dangerous to humans, the app automatically calls appropriate emergency services as well as sending e-mails to programmed contacts.

It doesn't matter in which country the accident happens, Collision Call works in 144 countries worldwide and is available in 9 languages.

To prevent the app from sending any false alarms when a rider drops or throws their phone, the app only works after driving above 30 kilometers an hour for ten seconds.

While some expensive cars have in-built systems which alert alarm services, generally speaking motorcycles don’t enjoy those luxuries. But the Collision Call app claims to offer this safe and cheap alternative.

"I believe it can save many lives. Surveys show 60 percent of all traffic victims die at high speed collisions. That is what this app is programmed for," Dutch inventor Ramon Veneman of Collision Call says.

At the time of reporting, Collision Call is available in Google Play and should be available at the Apple store shortly.

In the future Veneman wants to update the app, making it possible to send an e-mail to emergency services with the exact location of the accident and the amount of G-force, allowing ambulance personnel to take this into account.

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