HJC Expands Its Line Of Superhero Motorcycle Helmets

The world of superheroes spills out onto the open road as HJC Helmets previews additions to its popular motorcycle helmets inspired by Marvel comic book characters.

Following an initial release of three superhero helmets in April 2016, HJC are adding to sides of the same comic book lore, Spider-Man, and his wicked nemesis Venom.

‘Superhero or supervillain, you get to pick a side and ride with style,’ notes the press release. The two new helmets will be available in October 2016 and add to the existing line-up featuring Captain America, Iron Man, and Punisher.

Both characters are meticulously designed and featured on HJC’s flagship model, the RPHA 11 Pro. The RPHA 11 Pro is designed with a super-strong, yet super-light shell for the utmost comfort and protection. In addition, it is engineered to be extremely aerodynamic and enjoy state-of-the-art new upgrades, the RPHA 11 Pro Spider-Man and Venom helmets are a part of HJC’s top-of-the-line RPHA Series and will retail for $599 dollars.

The RPHA 11 Pro is based on the massively successful RPHA 10 and features an extremely lightweight shell that doesn’t compromise on integrity. By being both light and, yet, super strong, the RPHA 11 Pro’s shell offers excellent protection as well as incredible comfort.

However, that’s not all since the RPHA 11 Pro also offers new state of the art upgrades that include a more aerodynamically refined shell, the ACS “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System”, an improved rear spoiler design, an additional forehead vent for optimal airflow, a greater field of view and an altered face shield gasket system.

From helmets to the motorcycles themselves, Marvel licensing seems to love the two-wheeled world. Aside from Harley-Davidson motorcycles being featuring in the Marvel blockbusting movies, the motorcycle manufacturer has created a limited series of custom rides. However, HJC Helmets are offering a less expensive road to celebrate a rider’s comic book fascination.

“We were really excited about the first launch of Marvel helmets, but we are even more now!” says George Hong, President of HJC America, Inc., “Surely, Spider-Man and Venom helmets will turn heads.”

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