First Dates And Motorcycles - 5 Tips To Mix The Two

A rider is nervous about using their motorcycle for what should be an incredible date. As we’re always here to help, Clutch and Chrome has five ingredients for the perfect motorcycle romance.

This isn’t necessarily an article on how to ride ‘two-up’, Clutch and Chrome covers that topic here, but what if that passenger is a potential love interest? Whether it’s the sole means of transportation or an effort to find out how enthusiastic a potential partner would be for the two-wheeled world, Clutch and Chrome has five tips to make that first ride down the road of romance a smooth one.

This article also gives consideration to the possibility the date has never ridden before.

As mentioned, we did cover riding with a passenger in a previous article and it really should be read before continuing with this. Some of the items covered below are reviewed in greater detail in ‘Looking For Company? 5 Tips For Riding With a Passenger’ and should be considered required reading before having an extra body on that incredible-looking motorcycle, romantic feelings or otherwise.

1. Make sure you’re ready

Sure this references the heart of the aforementioned article and for those stubborn bikers among us who haven’t read through it, the very basics of being ready are;

  • Ensuring the appropriate experience has been earned through enough miles on the motorcycle
  • An understanding of how a passenger affects the handling
  • Common passenger courtesies as well as preparations

A rider having the skills to manage the additional person is about safety for both bodies on the motorcycle first and foremost. If this phrase or thought causes a rolling of the eyes, think of preparation this way; we’re sure an immense amount of effort went into getting the date and along with hard-earned cash, more will be spent during the date so why wouldn’t a rider want to look competent on a motorcycle.

The saying is labored but true, first impressions do count and it shouldn’t be that of an uncertain and wobbling rider.

Being ready also includes date itself. A search for ‘perfect first date’ could be summed up in three words, ‘planning, planning, planning’. As Clutch and Chrome is a motorcycle website and not that of romance, we’ll let readers read the abundant amount of articles around the internet help with first date activities.

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2. Forget about Mom, Mother Nature needs to approve

As with any trip taken on a motorcycle, riding Casanova’s should do a thorough check on the expected weather. If it looks like rain seriously consider cancelling the date or switching to the less sexy but far more practical path of four wheels or more.

Don’t believe the romance movies that show giggling couples finding that first magical kiss in the rain. A common theme throughout the article is making that great, first impression and drenching a first date isn’t the best path to true love.

Need further convincing? We all know, aside from getting soaked to the skin, riding through the rain is uncomfortable and incredibly stressful. Now picture your date at the bar or restaurant in that state.

Good luck starting that small-talk.

3. The less time in the saddle, the more time for romance

There are many reasons for the first date. Both found each other attractive or intriguing enough to want to learn more. There’s also a chance you could both have your last ‘first kiss’.

We could list a dozen more but they all revolve around getting to know each other better and that’s difficult with the romantic interest sitting on the back, shouting through a helmet and over the noise of the engine.

As bikers, the more miles we can put down the better the ride but let’s remember the purpose of this particular trip. It’s a journey of love!

Sure, there are few things sexier than having a romantic interest essentially wrap their legs around you while riding, but the art of knowing a person largely relies on actually looking at them. Or, if one wants to be romantic, looking into their eyes.

Add to this the excellent advice of keeping the first date short, partly in the effort to leave all parties wanting more, the sooner the dates settles in at the bar or restaurant the more time to start that tale of love.

“Make your first date no longer than 45 minutes, max. That’ll keep the investment relatively low for both of you, which is really important if one person isn’t feeling it. And, if you’re both attracted to each other, it’ll stoke anticipation for your next date, which is the one where you’ll really get to know each other,” states Ron Geraci, New York-based dating coach and author of The Bachelor Chronicles in this article. “Stick to this rule no matter how much chemistry you feel with the person—I’ve broken this rule in many of my 300-plus dates in the last five years and have always regretted it.”

Finally, if this is a date’s first time on a motorcycle, a shorter ride helps ease them into an experience we in the two-wheeled world take for granted. Open to the elements and a sensory explosion of the smells, sounds and feel of riding a motorcycle shouldn’t become a tiring task for your date.

Source Triumph Motorcycles

4. Make their first ride their best ride

This tip can be taken in two senses, dates who have never been on a motorcycle before as well as a date who’s enjoying their first ride with you.

The last part of the last tip of keeping the ride short should certainly be considered in this recommendation. But what could make more of an impression is where the route is taking the date. Unless riding through a historic or scenic area of a town or city, urban riding is a less-than-fun series of stops with defensive riding mixed in.

Part planning and a degree of thoughtfulness should go into picking a route that will impress the passenger with not just the views but how well they can be experienced from the saddle. This will help with not only building enthusiasm for motorcycles but also feed the flames of love.

To build that much needed confidence with the passenger as well as a form of respect, riders should operate the motorcycle smoothly, safely and proficiently to prevent the passenger from being jerked around, frightened and avoid the butting of helmets.

This is covered in fuller detail in the article ‘Looking For Company? 5 Tips For Riding With a Passenger’ with tip number four, ‘Riding for Two’.

Again, this will make the ride to and from the date itself a part of the growing romance.

Source Ducati

5. The ride is all about two wheels, not the destination

As beautiful as the planned route may be and as passionate as a rider is about their motorcycle, the date is about, well, the date.

Sensing a rider’s enthusiasm, a date may ask about the motorcycle, riding and other facets of the biker world. But as author Evan Marc Katz notes, the date isn’t about you, to make it successful it should be about them.

“It’s easy to focus on what you get out of the date; try considering what your date gets out of the date. Make him [/her] feel interesting,” Katz, author of Why You’re Still Single: Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not to Get Mad states in the above mentioned article, “If you ensure your date is having a good time on date one, you’ll generally be asked out for date two.”

This tip brings us back to the first one in this article, planning a date which allows for a series of romantic moments that will lead to something special.

The date starting on a motorcycle shouldn’t necessarily dictate the experience being set at a biker bar or event. Whatever the destination may be, it should match the riding attire worn by your date.

Experienced riders should account for ‘helmet hair’ and any other effects the ride may bring about as well as the storage of any gear when the date settles into the ‘getting to know you stage’.

Making sure this motorcycle style of date goes as well as possibly can could not only lead to a new chapter in love but someone special to share that riding passion with. Like anything in life worth having, it requires a little effort.

Have any of our readers already taken a ride down the two-wheeled road of love? We would love to hear about them, our email can be found at the top left-hand corner of the page.

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