Like Triumph's Bobber? Here's How To Make Your Own

Whether looking for a weekend motorcycle project or finding inspiration from the new Bobber, Triumph owners can scratch the itch in a step-by-step fashion, helped by British Customs.

The ‘bobber’ style grabbed motorcycle headlines this week when Triumph added its own take on the classic era of riders stripping away excess bodywork, removing the front fender and other decorative parts in an effort to reduce weight. In fact, the act of shortening the rear fender and making it ‘bobbed’ gave this type of motorcycle its name, the bobber.

Aside from the eternal longing of wanting to ride every new model, the biker urges may have been stirred by the twenty pictures published by Clutch and Chrome of Triumph’s new ride. Owners of certain Triumph motorcycles may have an outlet for those urges.

“The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a beautiful modern interpretation of the iconic bobber style with its retro-inspired detailing including the seat pan, rear mudguard loop, drum brake-inspired rear wheel hub, ignition barrel, and "slash-cut" exhaust, explains British Customs, Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts. “While original within its own right for having custom looks off the showroom floor, the Bonneville Bobber openly rejects the true spirit and heritage of bobber motorcycles.”

The Birdman Bobber - A Weekend Project from British Customs

To help motorcycle enthusiasts who rule the road from the saddle but self-identify as a weekend warrior when it comes to mechanics, British Customs has added ‘bobber’ to its growing Weekend Project packages.

These packages offer a list of accessories and installation instructions requiring no more than a simple set of tools to achieve a particular motorcycle style. With these Weekend Projects upgrade packages, riders can get the satisfaction of building something for themselves and the pride that comes with it, instead of buying a pre-made bike for a pre-packaged experience off the lot.

To showcase the power of what can be done with Weekend Projects, British Customs released a bobber built from a Triumph Speedmaster in collaboration with skateboard legend and motorcycle enthusiast Tony Hawk, calling the creation the ‘Birdman Bobber’. Bobbers were born from a principle of mechanical minimalism, and British Customs feels the Birdman Bobber is a modern recreation of this.

The bike was also created to help raise awareness and donations for The Tony Hawk Foundation, which is committed to building communities through creating skateparks in low-income communities.


The Birdman Bobber - A Weekend Project from British Customs

In the spirit of the bobbers of the 40s, British Customs stripped off everything that could be considered as unnecessary and started rebuilding it from there. To begin, the stock seat was replaced with a low profile seat featuring Hybrid Gel Technology for added comfort, the control setup was replaced with iconic ape hanger handlebars, both the front and rear wheels were swapped out for bobber style wheels, and the exhaust system was upgraded with a full performance package including Cocktail Shaker Slip-Ons, an air box removal kit, an air injection removal kit, and a Dynojet Power Commander V to get every last drop of juice out of the engine.

Regardless of which style a rider wants to create with a Weekend Projects, the upgrades cover the following;

  • Appearance including seats, relocation kits, detailing
  • Controls such as handlebars, foot pegs, gauge brackets
  • Driveline which includes sprocket covers, chains, wheel conversion kits
  • Lighting covering turn signals, headlights, tail lights
  • Performance including exhaust, air box removal kits, air injection removal kits

Riders may recall the bobber was seen all over the motorcycle world a few years ago with the era being nudged from the spotlight by cafe racers, which could be considered the British version of the style.

Triumph owners who do decide to go the route of using the Bobber kit Weekend Project can not only enjoy the satisfaction of building their custom biker themselves, but get a gear ahead of what could be another bobber revolution.

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