Sounds Cool And It Happened - Italian Riding School In China

Proving motorcycle fashions and trends are truly a global affair, Ducati is celebrating the success of its five-star Ducati riding school in China.

Coming on the heels of a successful launch of the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, the five-star Ducati riding school offered its first three off-road riding courses to Chinese motorcycling fans. The Chinese edition of the DRE Enduro took place in the city of Dunhuang in central-northern China. An evocative oasis set in the Gobi Desert, the initiative attracted 50 pupils.

Just like at Nipozzano, the European DRE Enduro base in Tuscany, the off-road riding course had a similarly unique setting in China, with features including artificial obstacles for the slalom exercises, a series of corners, uphill and downhill riding tests, emergency braking, riding control and uneven surfaces, as well as the so-called balance test. In addition, the Chinese DRE Enduro course also included a 16-kilometre ride through the desert, during which participants were able to test out the training that they received during the first part of the course. Training was provided by DRE Enduro technical director Beppe Gualini, a highly experienced former Dakar Rally rider and chief instructor Andrea Rossi.


The DRE Enduro in China also allowed students to visit unique sights during this exclusive and what was called a ‘meticulously planned event’. Participants enjoyed the Mogao Caves archaeological site, with its caves carved out of the rock, dating back to 400 AD. The second day served as a full immersion, with pupils riding their bikes against a backdrop of rare beauty.

Although the 2016 season of the prestigious Ducati riding school has come to a close with the Chinese edition of the DRE Enduro, preparations for the second year of courses are already underway. The Chinese event is already confirmed, with further dates planned in Italy, at Nipozzano, and courses that promise even greater involvement for both the pupils and their accompanying guests.

While Clutch and Chrome hasn’t researched or vetted this idea, what could be cooler for riders who are fluent in Chinese taking a riding school hosted by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer in China?


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