Thursday, 25 February 2016 19:00

Chris Pratt, Dinosaurs and a Triumph Scrambler

This is a two-for! Two video pics for the price of one. Need to add street cred to an already cool dude, throw in a motorcycle. Anyone who has seen a movie in the last fifty years knows that has been the entertainment industries go to solution and they certainly didn’t overlook it with the latest edition of Jurassic Park.

Thursday, 25 February 2016 19:00

Tom Cruise and his Motorcycle Movie Passions

Tom Cruise could easily be considered one of the top names in Hollywood with the apparent ability to have whatever he wants in a movie, to be in a movie.

Real life can be a mean mistress, expecting so much and leaving so little. It’s not surprising then something as life-changing and exhilarating as a ride on the motorcycle is pushed to one side by soccer or band practice, ‘honey-do’ projects or even, heaven-forbid work.

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